Gastric Bypass Surgery Preparation

If you are considering gastric bypass surgery for your weight loss, you should know what to prepare for as well as the affects that the surgery may cause. Gastric bypass surgery is an operation that can help with those who are morbidly obese. By undergoing gastric bypass surgery, you will be restructuring the stomach and intestine area. This will allow for you to have less calorie intake and will eliminate hunger.

Effects After Surgery

The first thing to consider with gastric bypass surgery is the after affects that it may cause. Because your body is going through a severe change, it will take some days to recover and get used to the change. You can expect to stay in the hospital for at least five days after the surgery. This is not only important for your bodys recovery, but also to ensure that your body has reacted right and is now getting the right nutrients for the change in functioning.

Your body may also react to the surgery negatively. This is often referred to as dumping syndrome. This is a common problem where your body is not able to hold anything in. Nausea, vomiting, feeling bloated, dizzy and sweating is common with this reaction. If you follow a very strict diet, you can eliminate this problem fairly easily.

Diet Following Weightloss Surgery

This diet is a guideline to help you in not overeating. While you are used to taking in more food, this same intake can now cause problems. Your stomach will not have the ability to hold in as much food, causing it to quickly move back out of your system. It is important to define how much food you should be taking in. This will help with the rapid weight loss after the surgery.


There are also several risks and problems that occur from the surgery. Follow-up surgeries may be a result of these complications. For example, bleeding and infections are somewhat likely to occur from the stitches and stapling. Your stomach may also not react in a positive manner. The lining of your stomach may inflate.

Because of the shift in diet and nutrition, you may also develop several vitamin deficiencies. Calcium, iron, and B12 often occur. This is not only because of the change in food intake, but also a result of your body not holding in nutrients that the lower portion of the stomach is used to holding. Making sure that you have enough of these vitamins is important after the surgery.

Despite these risks, you can help yourself to move past the surgery by being prepared. Knowing what to expect and being prepared to change eating habits will help to eliminate the complications. You can also begin to exercise, which will help to eliminate the weight.

Knowing the risks of gastric bypass surgery, as well as how to prepare for the after affects can help you move past the surgery with ease. The first step is to decide that you can change your lifestyle and nutritious eating habits. By having a new desire to be healthy, as well as knowing what may happen can help you move past the problems with the surgery and into a healthier lifestyle.

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