Gastric Banding Procedure

You can get help if you have been diagnosed as morbidly obese. One of your options is known as weight loss surgery. This is becoming a widespread surgery for those fighting with weight loss.

Included under weight loss surgery are several options for what type of surgery to have. Among these is one known as gastric banding. This specific operation will offer you a way to success with weight loss.

Gastric banding is a form of gastric bypass surgery, but, it doesnt use staples to make the stomach smaller. Instead, it will use a band that separates the upper part of the stomach to the lower part of the stomach. This causes the stomach to lose its ability to hold much food. As a result, one will not feel hungry as often and will control how much food stays in the body.

The Banding Difference

The differentiation between gastric banding and the other types of weight loss surgery is that there will be a small opening between the upper and lower stomach areas. This will allow for the excess amount of food to move into the lower stomach and quickly digest and remove what is not needed. The opening between the upper and lower stomach will be adjusted according to ones height and ideal weight as well as the needs for nutrition.

From here, the band that is placed between the upper and lower stomach can be controlled. The first option for this is to deflate the band. This will cause it to open wider.

As a consequence, food will move more quickly through the digestive system. The other option is to inflate the band. This will make the opening between the upper and lower stomach smaller, and cause the food to move through the system at a slower pace. This process is done by the amount of fluid that is in the band.

How it Works

When going through the surgery, the doctor will insert an access port to the band where the fluid will be able to taken out or put in. This access port is usually placed underneath the skin in the chest wall and is hooked up to the band through a tube.

Since the control levels can be adjusted, it allows for those who have struggled with other types of weight loss methods to be able to easily manage their eating habits until they can make the right adjustment. This type of gastric bypass surgery is usually used by those who have been overweight for more than five years.

Side Effects

It should be noted that in this method, side effects are most likely to occur because of the quick adjustments that the body has made.

Knowing the procedures for gastric banding will help one to decide if the method is right for their use. If you have been obese for a longer period of time and have failed at controlling your methods of eating, than this may be a good option to help you finally get off the extra weight that you have. By looking into gastric banding as an option, you can determine whether it will help you to finally be at a normal weight.

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