Garth Brooks cancels on Ireland over conflict about show numbers

Apparently Ireland is going to have to go without the comeback. Famous country singer Garth Brooks announced on his tour website Tuesday that his three planned dates in Dublin, Ireland have been cancelled. The website declines to give details at this time but promises more announcements and information to come.

CNN reports that Brooks was the largest selling solo artist ever when he semi-retired in 2001. Other than a weekend residency in Las Vegas and selected benefit concerts, he has chosen to mainly focus on being a father. However, in December of last year he announced that his daughters and wife Trisha Yearwood had approved his plans for a world tour.

According to the Guardian Liberty Voice in the UK, Brooks had chosen Croke Park Stadium in Dublin to play 5 shows starting on July 25. Brooks claimed the number of shows was non-negotiable, revealing in a statement that “to choose which shows to do and which shows not to do, would be like asking to choose one child over another.” However, the Dublin City Council rejected the permits for 2 of the shows last week. They cited that the “scale, magnitude, and number” of the concerts would be “unprecedented” for the stadium, potentially causing noise, traffic congestion, and disruptive behavior in the mainly residential area. Brooks then canceled all the shows.

More than 400,000 Irish ticket holders will be waiting if they will be able to receive refunds.