Four-time cancer survivor runs from Florida to Maine in 68 days

Four-time cancer survivor Helene Neville just finished an epic 2,000-mile run from Atlantic Beach, Florida, to Portland, Maine, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The 53 year old plans on running the perimeter of the U.S. and is preparing for the final leg of her journey next spring when she will run from Maine across the northern states to Washington State. When all is said and done, she will have run 10,000 miles.

“I love that you never know what’s around the next corner because every single day in my route is different,” Neville told ABC News. “It reveals all these layers of life, people, experiences that you may not have even fathomed. People out there have great spirit and you won’t see them or find them unless you look for them.”

According to the Las Vegas Sun, in 2010, Neville became the first to run from Ocean Beach, California, to Florida covering 2,520 miles in 93 days.

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