Symptoms of an allergy caused by certain food types usually happen within some minutes after you ingested food allergens, although there are some that would only occur after several hours. The symptoms may only happen to areas around the lips, mouth, and digestive tract, or could also involve other body areas. Foods that commonly result to allergic reactions are eggs, nuts, milk, fish, soy, shellfish, and wheat. Consult a doctor if symptoms have become persistent or severe.

Mild Symptoms:

  • Tingling, itching, or swelling of your mouth, tongue, lips, or throat

  • Tightness feeling in your throat

  • Difficulty speaking or swallowing

  • Nausea

  • Indigestion and abdominal cramps

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Skin rashes

  • Coughing, congestion, wheezing, or sneezing

  • Runny, stuffy, or itchy nose ** Severe Symptoms**:

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Sweating, dizziness, and faintness

  • Rapid or sudden heart rate increase

  • Sudden inability or hoarseness to speak

  • Extreme and sudden facial itching and swelling

  • Anaphylaxis

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