The only way to lose weight successfully is to make a slow, sustained effort over months or even years. Similarly, the only way to prevent weight gain is to eat sensibly and maintain physical activity in a steady commitment indefinitely.

This kind of commitment changes your life! You will start to gauge your success according to the long term – not the “I must loose weight by next week” short term mindset. You’ll realize that such short-term dreams are unrealistic, because those first few pounds are only water loss and probably will be quickly regained. The real measure of success is losing body fat, and this takes a concerted, sustained commitment from both your physical and emotional bodies.

Yoga Exercises

The Yogic school of exercises, called asans, was developed for the body to maintain balanced mental and physical health. Yoga asans apply pressure to the glandular system of the body. This helps the body to stay strong and totally balanced. This glandular pressure also promotes the release of the chemicals, called endorphins, that cause feelings of well-being in the brain. This aspect of Yoga practice can be very helpful in relieving depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Yoga asans help to improve strength, flexibility, vitality, posture, and muscle tone, which will help you look and feel better, the idea being that the road to health lies in your own body. Yoga exercise contributes to a preventive system that helps avoid many common health problems associated with overweight, especially those that increase with age. ** Yoga Breathing**

Yoga breathing techniques nourish your inner body by helping to reduce anxiety and depression and create calm, clear, and creative thinking. Breathing techniques are designed to cleanse the nervous system, making its full function available for body needs. Breathing exercises also develop a depth of sensitivity which is very helpful in dealing with your inner emotional spiritual body. The effects are especially noticeable when you spend some extra time trying to begin a new relationship with yourself.

Many people first come to Yoga in order to reduce their stress responses. This is a wonderful “side effect” of practicing Yoga that will help you learn how to cope with the inevitable anxieties of life, especially when you are undergoing the additional stress of trying to lose weight. Many times, our usual response to stress is to eat; you will learn how to retrain yourself so that you will feel the same comforting feelings by doing breathing or meditation as you will from eating something that is not going to help you.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation techniques increase self-awareness and augment the balanced, calming effects of exercises and breathing techniques. Meditation is practiced so that the physical body and all inner conversation are silenced for a short time. This allows the intuitive voice, which is the language of the inner emotional body, to speak. This then is the gateway for expression that the inner spiritual body seeks, and it provides comfort and guidance from within.

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