Fit Forever Denise Austin Review

Denise Austin is a well-known celebrity and name among fitness fans. Denise has been helping individuals to get fit, and toned for 25 years. She has made 60 fitness videos beginning in the 1980s, and still going strong today. She is also a columnist for Prevention magazine and she also finds time to be on the President’s Council on Fitness. She is quite the entrepreneur with her own skin care products, exercise equipment, books, and online programs. Now, she has the complete weight management program, Fit Forever.

When you join the program you receive a free fitness profile that has basic questions on weight, sex, and your goal weight. You will be completing 8 full pages of questions asking questions about your fitness currently. The results of your free fitness profile will tell you what your BMI is and approximately how many calories you should be consuming each day to have a healthy diet.

Program Sections

There are 3 different sections to the program: Targeted exercises for your fat zone, a Personalized diet for your body type, and a Daily Motivation.

There are basically 3 different caloric levels to follow and you can change these levels at any time. There are guidelines to help you select your level.

The diet plans contained in the diet program were developed by Rachel Rodney (RD, LD, CFT), who is a nutritionist. The diets are basically 50% carbs, 25% fats, and 25% protein, which is a good mix for anyone who is doing exercise or resistance training.

There is plenty of support including discussion boards that are (unlike other boards) quite active and helpful, with a nutritionist that comes around the board to answer questions. Rachel actually is quite helpful at answering board posters questions. According to the posters the program by Denise works well for them.

Balanced is Good

The diet program is well balanced. A controlled diet that she combines with daily exercise.

The program is supposed to be geared towards males and females but the boards are usually mainly females so the atmosphere is definitely feminine.

Denise describes her program as being a body-slimming program in which she can help individuals get fit, tight and toned. She says that she will be our personal trainer, isn’t that everyone’s wish to have personal trainers like the celebrities do? She also promises to help shrink fat zones with fun, fast workouts without going to the gym. Her program is designed to flatten the tummy, tighten the butt, and to build lean muscle that helps you to lose weight.