First Principle of Reiki

The first principle of Reiki states that “namely today dont worry.” This phrase holds much meaning when practicing Reiki, or in every day life. The origins and use of this phrase has several purposes behind using it as the first principle for Reiki. From here, this principle has expanded into becoming a philosophy in someones life when they decide to practice Reiki.

This principle can be said to come from several different sources and ideas with the beginning of Reiki. Ancient knowledge from the god of Avesta states the same thing, as well as several different proverbs. These all will say that a happy thought causes good words and good deeds. In relation to these principles, Reiki has developed a way for one to see goodness by not worrying and letting anxiety go.

Relation to Practice

This principle, then, can be seen to have several relations to Reiki practices. Reiki is used as a way to heal and let go of blocked energies. When one is worried, it creates an extra energy that is blocked, not allowing one who is either in a Reiki class or using a practitioner for healing to be able to create a better flow of energy. By deciding to not worry, it will allow for the universal energy to begin to move through you and unblock the energies that need to be changed.

In relation to this, is the idea of constantly deciding not to worry. After you have gone through a Reiki class, it may be easy to build up the anxieties that happen in every day life. However, it is stated that by doing this, it will also block one from seeing the universal energies of the world consistently.


After you are finished with a Reiki practitioner, or with a Reiki class, you should be able to feel the universal energies, as well as more joy and contentment in your life. If this is blocked by the worry and anxiety, it will cause problems with continuing to receive Reiki from the universe. It may also cause the other energies to become blocked again.

When one decides not to worry, they are also allowing themselves to become open to the universal energies that are surrounding them, both inside the Reiki session or outside of it. By doing this, it will unblock the negative energies that may have been surrounding them.

Those who follow this principle have found that their world begins to change. This is not only seen from the reactions that they begin to develop with others, but also with the mind set in which they carry.

The first principle of Reiki is the basis for letting in all that is good from the universe and for unblocking the negative energies that may be inside. Following the first principle of Reiki on a continuous basis will allow you to live a more relaxed life. It will also allow the idea of Reiki to continue to be a part of life. By deciding not to worry, it opens the universe to letting in joy and goodness to your life.