Fibromyalgia Support Group

Like most chronic diseases and conditions, there are support groups for those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a condition that has a huge impact on your daily life, on your family, friends and on your ability to work. Fibromyalgia becomes your lifestyle and being able to maintain an active, meaningful lifestyle while coping with fibromyalgia is easier when you can participate in and benefit from a fibromyalgia support group.

When you belong to a fibromyalgia support group you never have to feel alone in dealing with the rigors of living with fibromyalgia.

Types of Groups

There are different types of fibromyalgia support groups that you can join including groups that are designed for those who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and groups for family members and friends of those with fibromyalgia, support groups for spouses of those with fibromyalgia even recently support groups set up for employers to learn how to be supportive of employees with fibromyalgia. Support groups can have many purposes including to inform, or to work on solving problems or to give emotional support.

Support groups inform by offering guest speakers, sponsoring field trips, initiating personal discussions and time for sharing, and by focusing on topic discussions based on areas of concern such as therapy, nutrition, and exercising. Support groups may also offer classes especially nutrition and exercise classes.

Support groups can be held locally in community centers, hospitals, churches or town halls. They can be online support groups through private chat rooms or online forums where discussions can take place in a public forum.

Following is a list of Fibromyalgia online support groups:

Billie’s Help Page for Pain Understanding
Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain Online Support Group
Maryland Bay Area Dysautonomia/OI/CFS/FM Support Line
MD Junction Fibromyalgia Support Group
Ray of Light
Reaching Out 


Aldergrove, BC, Canada – Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation
Booragoon, Western Australia – Fibromyalgia Support Network:
Fort St. John, BC, Canada- Fort St. John FM Self-Help Group:
Horsham, W Sussex, United Kingdom – Fibromyalgia Support Group for Surrey and Sussex
San Joaquin, Costa Rica – FM Patients From Costa Rica: