The Best Cardio to Burn Fat

Actually, the phrase ‘the best cardio to burn fat’ is almost a contradiction in terms. That’s because the best cardio workouts don’t really burn all that much fat. To get a really good cardio workout, you want your heart up to its maximum safe rate.

With fat burning, you want your heart at a lower rate; the best fat burning exercises are long duration types, aerobic, and they get you using all of your major muscle groups. They are what are known as low intensity cardio exercises.

Sports to Try

So, in terms of cardio exercises that burn fat, there are several you can utilize. Swimming is one of the best, as it makes use of every muscle group. If that’s not available to you, start walking, and then build up to jogging or running.

Here’s a key tip to remember: the more muscles you get involved in your workout, the more fat you’ll burn off. Avoid any exercise that involves sprinting. Things like tennis, basketball, golf, and racquetball burn mostly sugar out of your system. With these types of activity, you are essentially inactive, and then abruptly active for a brief period. This is not conducive to ridding yourself of fat.

Get the Timing Right

The best fat burning exercises are those you do over a long period of time, but where you are moderately active. If you are just starting out in an exercise program, be wary of doing too much too soon. Start out with about twenty minutes of activity three times a week, and then build up from there.

Your goal, if you can spare the time, is to exercise five times a week. A treadmill or elliptical exercise machine are ideal for that type of workout. If you have water nearby, yet aren’t interested in swimming, consider trying rowing.

It isn’t necessary that you join a team and race in one of those narrow boats; yet a dinghy or canoe can do the job, or a kayak. If you prefer to stay on dry land, get a bike – either real or stationary.

You might even consider using one to get to work each day. When you factor in the high cost of gasoline these days, a bike makes a lot of sense.

Low Intensity Cardio Exercises

In terms of some really good, low intensity cardio exercises to reduce your fat, there are three. The first, is so very simple: climbing stairs. You wouldn’t think that’s a good fat burner, but it is. If you happen to have a ranch-style home, you’re out of luck, but see if your local gym has a stair-climbing machine.

Second, skipping rope. A good, brisk session of about fifteen minutes a day can do wonders for your, and really help you to slim down. Some people even get involved with troupes that turn jumping rope into a dance.

Now, if balance is a problem for you, and getting tangled in the ropes an issue, then try the final exercise: dancing. Not only is it a great cardio workout that burns fat, but it can be fun as well. As there are so many styles of dance, you can easily find one that you enjoy: jazz, ballroom, hip hop, and so on.