Fat Gripz Ultimate Arm Builder Review

The Fat Gripz Ultimate Arm Builder was created by the Fat Gripz company to transform any set of barbells or dumbbells into thicker bars. Ultimate Arm Builder is what many professional bodybuilders, including 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, use to get more out of their workouts.

The average barbells and dumbbells are designed to be thin enough to fit the grips of most male and female athletes.

However, just by increasing the size of the bar, studies and real-world experience have shown you can develop both your maximum size and strength levels. Let’s slap on the Fat Gripz Ultimate Arm Builder and see what we get.

Key Features of Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder

* Fat Gripz uses recently discovered technology to add muscle and strength to the upper body areas, especially arms
* Shows results much faster than the typical barbells or dumbbells
* Easy installation simply “slaps” onto your weight training bar
* Constructed of military grade, high-density compound
* Used by many professional athletes, NFL players, MMA fighters and Special Forces soldiers

What Makes Fat Gripz a Must Have Purchase?

Are you a beginner who wants to build arm and upper body bulk and definition quickly? Or a veteran hoping to get as much out of each weight training workout as possible? Fat Gripz is an inexpensive answer.

Brooks Kubik holds multiple world records in weight lifting. He explains that when you use a thicker handled bar, you instantly get a more intense workout.

You also get better results than using a slimmer bar with the same exact weight.

The new worldwide training phenomenon is a pair of short, light blue colored and incredibly durable plastic cylinders with a vertical slit. The nice thing about the Fat Gripz ultimate arm builder is they can be easily attached and removed to any weight training bar without removing your plates.

Much less expensive than purchasing thicker bars, Fat Gripz also saves you money because they can be used with any current equipment you have. You do not need to go out and buy multiple bars for all of your different weight training pieces.

Officially the choice of the US Special Forces and British Royal Marine Commandos. Fat Gripz have also become popular with the home and neighborhood gym weight trainer because of the low cost and quick results.

Bear in mind that the first few times you use them, you may not be able to train with as much weight as you normally do.

The extra width that they give your workout bars delivers better results with lower weight than you are used to, but after a few repetitions you become used to the larger size bar.

They can also be used with pull-up bars. Not only that but with other specialty training bars, cable attachments, as well as other weight training and workout gear.

Portability is excellent. You can simply throw these in your briefcase or workout bag. They measure about 5″ x 2.5″ and weigh just over 1 pound.

Your hands and forearms are the point of contact in most weight training exercises. Smart weight trainers and bodybuilders will immediately see the value in the simple to use and long-lasting Fat Gripz The Ultimate Arm Builder.