What’s the fastest way to build muscle? As a fitness professional blessed with a good physique, I get that question a lot from friends and clients at the gym. I always answer them the same way.

There is no single fastest way to build muscle that can apply to all because that would depend on an individual person’s body type. That usually puts a damper on their faces. But I quickly add that it is easy enough for anyone to pack on size as long as he applies the proper techniques.

For starters, employing the proper training techniques can be one of the fastest ways to build muscle. When starting out, train for two to four days a week, spending a maximum of one hour and a half each day. Ideally, your workout should be about an hour long.

Exercising longer than that won’t necessarily make you any bigger. It may lead to overtraining, though, and extended recovery times, which may affect your succeeding training sessions.

Reps and Sets

The fastest way to build muscles does not have anything to do with numerous repetitions. It does not follow that the more reps you do, the faster you build muscle. The ideal repetition range is only four to 12. Technique is actually more important than the number of repetitions.

Remember to always have control in your descending motion and have power when you pull the weight upward. In other words, lift up fast but bring the weight down slowly. This is the ideal technique to build mass fast, increase your power and overall strength.

The fastest way to build muscles does not have anything to do with numerous sets either. It doesn’t mean that you rest less and do more sets. Ideally, you should rest for about two to three minutes in between sets. Again, technique is more important than numbers.

The best approach is to focus each day’s workout on specific muscle groups, not more than two at a time, which should also have similar exercise movements. For example, you may want to focus on your legs and do bench presses and leg presses for that day.

Your goal is to train muscle groups that work together, such as the chest and triceps or the back and biceps. This is an ideal and proven way to build muscle fast.

Cardio Exercises

Another of the fastest ways to build muscle is through cardio exercises, a great way to build lean muscle mass while burning fat. Cardio once a week or even once every two weeks is recommended since your goal is to build mass.

Too much cardio has its pitfalls as well in terms of lessening the quality of muscle gains and causing you to get smaller. The best time to do cardio is in the morning when you wake up just before breakfast.

With an empty stomach, the body does not have enough carbohydrates to burn as fuel for a strenuous exercise, which means that the body will have to burn an alternative source of fuel: fat

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