Fast Food and Obesity

Fast food and obesity are correlated with each other, and as the recent movie Supersize Me has shown, eating fast food in large quantities is very unhealthy.
Fast food such as hamburgers, potato chips and donuts have a higher ratio of calories to weight than regular food, fooling us into thinking we’ve eaten a regular portion of food when we’ve really eaten two or three times the food.

It’s not only the stereotypical foods listed above that are like this. Ready-made meals from the supermarket and convenience store foods are also very “energy dense”. The hamburger and french fry type meals, of course, are higher in fat content.

The fact is, when you don’t exercise (and even when you do), the energy produced from fat is stored in your body as fatty deposits, over time if exercise is insufficient to burn the incoming calories, these deposits become larger and larger; you become overweight, defined as being over the threshold of your ideal weight.

Being overweight in and of itself is not a sever problem, since a person’s metabolism and activity levels are always in flux, but you do have to try and be strict with yourself to loose weight as once you go from overweight to obesity – anything 30% over your ideal weight- you now have a larger problem.

Medical complications such as diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure and heart disease are all associated with obesity and steps need to be taken to control obesity and prevent these conditions.

Fast food plays a part in almost everyone’s lives as it is quick, easy and very convenient; after a long hard day at work no one really enjoys cooking a meal so the quickest thing to do is order in. Believe it or not it takes the same amount of time for a takeaway delivery as it does to cook you a healthy meal.

Takeaway foods are expensive and loaded with high fat, high carbohydrates and high salt content which are all very bad for your health. Eating fast food all the time ultimately leads to obesity and a painful unhappy life. I’m not saying to never eat takeaway, but on occasion is all, eating them every day or two is not recommended.

Fast food is exactly what it says on the box, it is fast and it is food. To the average palate fast food tends to taste better than your average home cooked meal so your more than likely to be tempted by it. Cultivate a taste for fresh cooked meals, buy a good cookbook or take a gourmet cooking class, and break your slavery to fast, “high energy density” food.