Facial Implants

Not everyone has the facial shape they want because of genetics, injury, or a birth defect. Shapes of the face may not only be a cause of cosmetic discomfort, and can be more serious in causing inability for the face to work normally.

If your face is unable to function the correct way, or if you want a different look, then cosmetic surgery can provide you with facial implants. This will allow you to take on a different shape for cosmetic or functional purposes.

Facial implants will allow you to change the shape of your face. If one side of your face is not symmetrical with the other, then this is an effective method for getting back balance.

The common areas that will be worked on with this cosmetic surgery include the chin, cheekbones, or jaw line. However, other areas of the face that can benefit from this surgery.


When beginning this surgery, doctors will make an incision in the area where they will add the implant. They will usually put the implant under a collective amount of tissue or muscle if necessary. They will then stitch back the area where the incision was made. Pressure gauzes will be placed in the area where the implant was made to make sure that it stays in place after the surgery is done. This surgery usually takes an average of one hour, but can sometimes take more, depending on the implant.


After the facial implant, you should function normally in about one week. However, there may be some swelling and bruising that continues while the facial area heals. If you have received an implant for the jaw, then it will be hard for you to open your mouth for several weeks. This is because of the numbness and stiffness that results from the strain that is put on the area where the surgery occurs.


The major problem that may occur with facial implants is a shifting of the implant after it is placed in the face. There may also be an infection that begins to form around the implant. If this happens, a second surgery will be needed to remove or change the position of the facial implant.

You may also find that an unnatural shape begins to form after a few months. This is because the scar tissue that is around the implant hardens, which causes the area to tighten and reshape. As these are not common problems, they are good to note before you decide to get the surgery.

If your facial features are imbalanced or if you want a new shape to your face, then medical surgery can offer you a cosmetic solution. Through facial implant surgery, you will be able to have a symmetrical face as well as feel better about this area of your body.

While risks and complications may arise, having a balance in your facial features will most often be the only result. This can result in a greater self-esteem and personal image.

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