Facial Massage

A belavi facial massage combines a standard massage with beauty treatments intended to improve the health and appearance of the facial skin. The linkage between massage and beauty is a sensible one in the case of the face.

When your face looks puffy and pale, the lymphatic system is likely to blame. If the lymph ducts do not remove waste products from the face quickly enough, they will remain under the skin and give a puffy appearance. Facial massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, enabling it to remove this waste and make the face look much more vibrant.

Facial massage also can be a good way of relieving conditions such as a blocked nose, combining the usual psychological benefits of massage with an unblocking effect.

Particular considerations when giving a facial massage are:

    -The muscles in the face are particularly fragile and close to the surface, and they need to be treated with a delicate touch.

    -Similarly, percussive massage is not generally a good idea with the face.

    -Concentrate on effleurage, and on shiatsu-like finger work.

    -Facial massage should usually be done mainly with the fingers. The area of skin concerned is too small, and too crowded with other features, to make much use of palms or fists

    -Mind the eyes and the mouth. Be aware not just of where you are putting your fingers, but of any massage oil you are using. Use only oils and lotions which are harmless if they get into the eyes or the mouth. Use only limited quantities, and apply them in such a way that they will not drip into the eyes or mouth.

    -Don’t forget the neck! If you are giving a facial massage, it is often best to combine it with a neck massage. The neck is full of lymph nodes, many of them connected to the face. Therefore a massage which improves lymph circulation in the neck will also improve lymph circulation in the face.