External Hemorrhoid Relief

For those that have hemorrhoids, they are probably looking for a solution to cope with the irritation. One of the common irritations that may be part of the problem is caused from external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are located around the anus area, and can cause irritation, bleeding and itching in this area.

If the problem is more severe, or if you are trying to find a way to relieve the external hemorrhoids, then there are several proven methods that are effective. By knowing what will work for you, as well as what is available, you can eliminate your external hemorrhoids. You should always speak to your health care provider for proven methods.


The first type of medication that is commonly used for external hemorrhoids is an anesthetic. Anesthetics usually include the ingredients of benzocaine, benzyl alcohol, dibucaine, cyclonine, lidocaine, pramoxine, and tetracaine.

This is usually found as a cream that can be applied to the area where the hemorrhoids are irritating you. When you apply this particular cream, it will cause a response in the nerve endings that are reacting to the hemorrhoids. This will allow for the burning, itching and pain to be blocked.


Keratolytics are the second type of medication commonly used for external hemorrhoids. Aluminum chlorhydroxy allantoinate and resorcinol are usually found in this type of medication. When it is applied to the area where the hemorrhoids are causing irritation, it will relieve the pain and itching. It does this by moving into the tissue area that is being irritated and acting as a healing ingredient.


There are several other treatments options that you can try, however, the FDA does not approve these. The first of these is antipruritics. These will react to the nerves that are in the area and cause the senses that are causing the irritations to be relieved.

Menthol, juniper tar and camphor are the most commonly used antipruritic. Hydrocortisone is another possibility. This will relieve the swelling that is part of the irritation of Hemorrhoids. This can be used if a doctor approves the treatment first.

The medications that are used with external hemorrhoids also come in a variety of ways to apply the dosage. Usually, you can find these medications in gels, ointments or creams and can be applied externally. There are also pads and wipes that can be purchased in order to easily measure out how much of the medication you should put on your hemorrhoids.

If you have external hemorrhoids, and they are causing problems by irritation, itching or bleeding, then you can find a prescribed medication to help relieve the symptoms. Before deciding on a medication, you should always look at the possible side effects and make sure that it is safe to use.

If you are not certain, check with a physician about possible side effects. By finding the right medication for your external hemorrhoids, you can relieve the irritations that are associated with it to help you move back to normal, every day functioning.