Secular Homeschooling: Evolved Homeschoolers

A list of the best of the secular homeschool community on the Web, with special interest in rational, freethinking homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers resources listed here are those that believe evolution is the best explanation we have today to explain how life has progressed on planet Earth, and are interested in educating children in the history and science behind this viewpoint.

evolvedInterestingly, some secular homeschoolers are followers of various religious faiths, but have decided to follow a secular  teaching plan.

This collection is based on a now defunct web page originally compiled by Chris O’Donnell, named The Evolved Homeschooler Wiki, which dates back to 2007. As such, some of the blogs listed here are not actively updated, but they still offer a wealth of experience for readers in their archives.


5 Orange Potatoes “I have a BA from Ohio State University and my Masters of Arts in Teaching from Mary Baldwin College. I have taught elem. ed. and preschool for about 20 years in schools and parks, my focus has always been science and env. ed.”

A Bunch of Weird Blog has not been updated for a while, but lots of interesting posts to read.

Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog Former Homeschool Mom. Eldest son has a Masters in Computer Science. Youngest son has a B.A. Degree in History with a minor in Political Science

The Ashland School Another blog that has not been updated for a while, with lots of interesting posts to read.

Atheist Homeschool “I am Kathy, I have six children and we’ve been homeschooling since 1998.”

Atheist View Twitter @atheist_view

Atypical Life 3,767 posts to read.

Eva Barga– Science educator, author, and homeschool mom

Because I’m the Mama, That’s Why

Blueprints for Homeschool Science: 700+ Recommended Resources to Supplement Elementary Studies of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science by Amy Knepper; Park Day Publishing; ISBN-10: 0986224936

Brain Power Boy “We cover boys’ learning, the importance of play, learning styles, and natural learning as they relate to boys. I do reviews of unique, high quality books–actually the best books for boys!, toys and products and provide homeschool unit studies (not only for homeschoolers!) on a variety of topics. If it has to do with boys and learning you will find it here.”

Bright Kids at Home website geared towards homeschooling and traveling with gifted and talented students.

The Brights’ Net International internet constituency of individuals with a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural or mystical elements.

Build Your Library – Literature based secular homeschool curriculum

Carden School The Carden Educational Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization teaching and publishing the Carden Method®.

Cooking a Snook

Dare to Know Pro-science, pro-critical rationalism, humanist homeschooling blog.

Day by Day Discoveries Homemaking homeschooling mom to a teenager, a tweenager and a toddler.

A Different Path- Drops of Learning

The Eclectic Telegraph Another blog that has not been updated for a while, with lots of interesting posts to read.

Education Possible Creative learning activities for middle & high school homeschooling

Elemental Science easy-to-use science plans written by an author with a strong background in science and teaching.

The Expanding Life


Far From Normal @KristaFFN

FIMBY (Fun in My Back Yard)

For Love of Education Secular Homeschooling in Arizona (with New York Flair)

Gypsy Mom Lisa Russell describes herself as “the happiest divorced lady in the world, I’m sure of it. I have six daughters and began this site when I was (married and) hoping to take an extended road trip with my kids.”

Green Fields and Open Horizons

Global Village School an accredited international online school that was founded in 1999. Creative, flexible approach and emphasis on peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability.


Harmony Fine Arts At Home: art and music appreciation plans

Help Me, Obi-Mom Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope A language-learning, urban-living, wisdom-seeing mom out to save the world. Or at least make some cookies before the whole thing goes up belly up.

Home Education, Religion, Politics & Eclectic Stuff – H.E.R.P.&E.S.

Homeboys in Da Hood

Homeschool Adventures secular homeschool support group based in the Twin Cities

Homeschooled Twins Celebrating life with homeschooled twins

Homeschooling Mom Going Sane

The Homeschool Scientist Marci Goodwin’s goal is to take the fear out of and put the fun into homeschool science. Lots of science information, experiments, curriculum help, and just plain geeky fun.

Homeschooling Without God Good in-depth Atlantic Magazine article by Jaweed Kalee dated


The Inappropriate Home Schooler

Investing Love: Alicia Hutchinson’s blog

JT’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On Happily Divorced, Disabled, Homeschooling Mom to a teenage boy.

Knowledge House Comprehensive source of homeschool information, ideas, and inspiration.

The Life and Times of a Pagan Family

Life Learning dot Org Blog from a homeschooling family following an unschooling style of learning.

Lit Mama Homeschool @LitMamaKT

Lizard Lollies

Little Blue School “A homeschooling, minivan-driving, novel-writing, child-wrangling, husband-pestering, pony-grooming, dog-remonstrating mother of two.”

Look! We’re Learning! helping homeschooling parents & kids with ADHD/ADD

Luiza Brown: Secular Homeschooler/Unschooler who tweets here: @NonniLuiza


Mama Teaches Resources to make homeschooling easier

Modern Homeschool Family Large site edited by a team that includes veteran homeschool families, newbies and everything in between.

Mom’s Plans Blog of Melissa, wife as well as a homeschooling mother to three kids, ages 9, 5, and 3.5

Lisa Russell’s Blog Formerly Mrs. Hannigan’s home for Girls

My Little Poppies School Psychologist & Unexpected Homeschooler

National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers: The vision of The National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers is to advance the recognition of secular education in the homeschooling community and to support academically secular homeschoolers. Through the activities and involvement of N.A.S.H. at the national, state, and local levels, secular homeschoolers will have a stronger, significantly influential voice in the world of homeschooling.

No Time For Flash Cards Allison McDonald, the Founder and Editor, says: “I have been teaching children in various capacities since 1993, so you can imagine I have done my fair share of crafts, songs, and circle times. Early childhood education is my passion. Whether in a classroom or family room I want to help adults make learning fun and meaningful for the children they care for.”

The Path Less Taken An unschooling family of six

Po Moyemu–In My Opinion homeschooling/unschooling, family, gardening, raising chickens, nature, and libertarian issues


Raising a Self-reliant Child A bilingual family of three homeschooling in Miami, Florida.

Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief a great book by Dale McGowan

Raising 3 Thinkers Adventures in freethought parenting

Rational Jenn

Rhythms of Play Yogi & Green living family lifestyle blogger.


Satori Smiles Satori Smiles is a blog about 5 year old Satori and her mother learning at home.

Savvy Homeschool podcast about secular homeschooling by 2 homeschooling moms “In the trenches as we’re going through it!”

Schoolless Another blog that has not been updated for a while, with lots of interesting posts to read.

Secular Classical Homeschoolers’ Odyssean Learning Adventure

SecularHomeschool Large site with a secular homeschooling forum and lots of resources

Simple Homeschool blog of Jamie C. Martin

Secular Homeschooling in Belgium

Starts at Eight Heidi Ciravola: “As a homeschool blogger a do a lot of writing on unit studies. Having created so many for my own children I have tons of them to share. Since beginning our high school journey in 2012 I also spend a lot of time writing about high school. From curriculum to raising teens, testing, electives and so much more, I share about homeschooling high school and offer support and help to others in this area.”

The Art of Simple

TheHomeSchoolMom For over a decade, TheHomeSchoolMom has been a guide to the best homeschool resources available online. Originally started by Mary Ann Kelley in 2000, the popular homeschool site now contains over 1,500 pages of homeschooling resources for new and veteran homeschoolers alike.

The Organized Unschooler

Timberdoodle Secular Homeschool Curriculum Kits

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus “I blog about my experience learned through many years of homeschooling. Along the way I have created and sell a program, New Bee Homeschooler that has helped hundreds and hundreds of new and struggling homeschoolers, and a unit study planner and so I offer practical advice on a wide variety of homeschooling topics from homeschooling toddlers to highschoolers.”


An Unschooling Life “An Unschooling Life was created in 2005 as a way of chronicling our unschooling journey and to also give encouragement and advice to those who want to start on this path. This blog is also home to Unschooling Voices, the unschooling blog carnival.”

The Voyage “Curious, enthusiastic and affectionate mother of 3, one of whom is perfectly autistic. I parent, read, play, blog, whinge, educate, clean and occasionally argue on the internet. Pro-science and anti-quackery”