Estrogen and Weight Gain Linked

It has been noted that as menopause occurs and estrogen therapy begins that many women also begin to experience a weight gain. This weight gain is generally associated with the increased amount of estrogen in the body and is not always easily reduced.

Many women battle their weight the increased presence of estrogen can often make weight loss impossible, however weight gain is very much a common occurrence.

If you are looking for the best method and option available that will reduce the weight gain from estrogen then it is best to talk to your doctor about finding a new menopause treatment that does not involve estrogen to ensure that you are able to combat the symptoms as much as possible. While there are always improvements in technology, there is an almost endless supply of new treatment options available for you.

Studies Inconclusive

While many studies have linked increased estrogen levels to weight increases, still other studies have stated that simply growing older leads to weight increases. The studies that show older adults gain weight easier tends to set the age associated with the weight increase at around 40 years of age. The best option that most women have to combat the weight loss is to eat smaller portions, as well as exercise as much as possible.

With smaller portions combined with exercise and menopause therapy other than estrogen replacement then it is possible to control weight gain and even maintain a healthy weight despite all of the body changes that occur during menopause. While each woman is different, it is the majority of women who gain weight after beginning HRT or hormone replacement therapy.

HRT and Individual Differences

While hormone replacement therapy is one of the main reasons why older women gain weight it is very important to realize that losing the weight is not as simple, and some women are able to lose the weight with very little exercise, while other women must exercise daily because of the combination effects of estrogen and weight gain.

Where on the spectrum you will fall is determent upon your body type, exercise habits, and eating habits; however, with some changes it is possible to control your weight regardless.

As improvements occur in the field of hormone replacement therapy then there will be a solution worked out for the weight gain following the increased levels of estrogen, until then however the best defense is to limit HRT as much as possible.

Also, ensure you are eating a well-balanced and healthy diet as well as receive proper exercise to ensure you are in the best physical shape possible. With minor changes made in your lifestyle then you will be able to control as many of the bad side effects of increased estrogen levels as possible.

Remember, that the weight gain is a common result of the increased estrogen levels and it is not just you suffering that most women suffer from this consequence. With increased diligence in watching your weight and exercising, you will not become overweight but will need to watch your weight much closer.

If you feel that your weight gain is out of control you should discuss it with your doctor to ensure that your weight gain is normal based upon your hormone levels as well as eating habits and body type.