Ergonomics and RSI

Ergonomics is the study of how the body works in different situations. By figuring out the many ways that the body can be injured, ergonomics can help companies find ways to decrease the amount of injuries suffered at the workplace each day. People who are injured on the job cost the company money through lost time and wages. When the injury happens to be RSI, the company could lose a lot of time due to physical therapy and limited mobility of workers.

When looking for solutions to this problem, many companies will hire expert who can teach people how to sit, stand, and work correctly without putting too much strain on certain body parts. By using these simple techniques, companies can save money and reduce the amount of injuries faced at work.

Just Relax

Keeping the body relaxed and not repeating motions all day long is one way to prevent injury. Ergonomics involves observing how a person sits, stands, and works all the day. After a person has been observed, they may be told to fix certain things such as taking longer breaks during the day, not resting wrists on the desk, and maintaining correct posture during the day.

Many companies are investing in day long seminars where employees will learn how to make their workspaces better so that they do not injure themselves. Rotating job duties during the day will also help to prevent injury.

While people will have to repeat tasks throughout the day, being able to stretch, take short walks, and leave their computers or work stations will help reduce the number of injuries. The pain associated with RSI can be very painful and can last for years after. Once should see a doctor if the pain becomes unbearable. People who suffer from RSI will have to seek medical attention once they experience pain.

Pads and Mats

This pain can come and go, but it will get worse if left untreated. Ergonomics will help people learn how to type without hurting ones joints. Using pads under the wrists will keep the wrist straight and comfortable during the workday. There are many pieces of office equipment that people can use when working at a desk all day long.

Floor mats, a chair that supports the back, and pads for wrists and arms will make the workplace safer and more relaxing.

For those who work in factories or warehouses, ergonomics can be used to teach proper lifting techniques, loading procedures, and standing posture. People who work in these jobs have to stand for long periods of time. Wearing comfortable shoes, stretching during the day, and taking frequent breaks will help prevent RSI and will also keep people alert while on the job.

Ergonomics is the best way to help prevent injury while on the job. It is important to get enough sleep the night before and to always eat a healthy diet and exercise. By practicing good job habits, one will be able stay healthy and not miss as much work during the year. This will help companies remain profitable and continue to grow.