Binoculars Tap into Brain via EEG

These binocluars in development would allow soldiers to see 1-10 kilometers into the distance, day or night, and warn them almost instantly of potential threats. They include a neuromimetic software system that would use Electroencephalography (EEG) to scan the soldier’s brain, on the theory that certain areas of the brain can recognize patterns quicker than the conscious mind.

In the latest cyborg news, from the world of military technology (DARPA to be precise), comes this system, with the unweildy official name of “Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System”. To quote the announcement:

      “Recent developments and discoveries in the disparate technology areas of flat-field, wide-angle optics, large pixel-count digital imagers, cognitive visual processing algorithms, neurally-based target detection signatures and ultra-low power analog-digital hybrid signal processing electronics have led DARPA to believe that focused technology development, system design, and system integration efforts may produce revolutionary capabilities for the warfighter. The final objective of the

DARPA CT2WS program

    is the development of prototype soldier-portable digital imaging threat queuing systems capable of effective detection ranges of 1-10 km against dismounts and vehicles while simultaneously surveying a 120-degree or greater field of view (FOV).”

If these seem vaguely familiar, or you’re wondering how the army came up with this idea, here’s a hint: The DARPA presentation sums it up on on power-point slide as “Think Luke’s Binoculars”.