Eczema Skin Care

Those who have eczema have skin that is extra sensitive to everything. Eczema skin therefore must be treated as gently as a babys skin would be. This means be careful with it when you bathe, dry off, when you moisturize and be extra special and so picky about what products you use on your skin. Even if you only have eczema in one place on your face or body it can easily spread. Learning the proper skin care regime is half the battle. Lets take a closer look.


Eczema is at its most general level defined as a skin condition that is “a form of dermatitis, a skin irritation characterized by red, flaky skin, sometimes with cracks or tiny blisters.” Eczema can be mild, moderate or severe and it has the frustrating ability to flare-up and then go away, only to flare-up again, perhaps in days, weeks or months.

Keeping your skin clean and well moisturized is the most important skin care tip there is for eczema patients. Well-hydrated skin is healthy skin while dry skin is parched skin in need of more lubrication. When your skin has adequate moisture in it, it tends to hold in natural moisture that is added to it to a much greater extent than does drier skin.

Moisture Heals

Also, well-moisturized skin heals much quicker than does skin that is drier. Any toiletry or cosmetic product that takes natural oils from the skin should be avoided at all costs. This includes bubble baths and many types of body washes. Read labels carefully to determine what is okay to use and what is not.

The kind of cleanser and/or soap you use plays a big role in your daily skin care regime. What you use can make or break your eczema flare-ups. Choose a gently product such as one from Dove or Neutrogena but use a modest amount. When your eczema is at its very worse you might want to consider using a no-soap kind of cleanser such as Cetaphil or even just plain soap and water.


Also when you are suffering a flare-up and your skin is very itchy, washing with sorbolene cream is an excellent option. Experiment with different mild cleansers to see which ones work the best with your skin. Not everyones eczema is the same therefore not all patients will find relief with the same products.


The best type of moisturizer for an eczema sufferer is one classified as being an emollient. An emollient is greasier in its consistency than a regular moisturizer and therefore the best choices for ultra sensitive eczema prone skin. When you take a bath, always run lukewarm water (not hot- ouch!) and add a generous amount of emollient bath oil to the water. Then after getting out of the bath, while your skin is still damp, apply an appropriate moisturizer.

Some of the most well known emollients on the market today include Aqueous Cream (UEA), Lipobase with Cetomacrogol, Emulsifying Ointment (HEB), Epaderm, White Soft Paraffin and Oilatum Cream. Oilatum Plus is a fantastic choice to use in the bathtub and two other emollients that are successful at doing their job include Aveeno and Balneum.