Eating Disorder and the Media

A lot of people connect an eating disorder and the media for the way those suffering are portrayed in the press. With the fashion industry seemingly pushing for smaller and skinnier models and the press portraying them as something special, there is plenty of blame for an eating disorder and the media can be partially responsible.

In Spain, the country recently placed a minimum weight on models, recognizing that serious health problems can develop from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating. Spains legislators claimed many of the models were suffering from an eating disorder and the media was helping push that unhealthy trend.

Share Responsibility for the Blame

Whether other countries will follow Spains lead will depend on how the fashion industry reacts to charges of pushing the acceptability of an eating disorder and the medias reaction to the latest stand. The biggest problem, however, is the models suffering a disease refusal to admit they have a problem.

Bad Examples Being Portrayed

Its been noted that girls as young as five or six years old are developing eating disorders and the media are seemingly quiet about this. Health publications and psychological experts are joining to trumpet the ill affects the industrys trends of skinniness is having on young, impressionable children.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa have been certified as real illnesses whose effects can cause long-term and life-threatening health issues. Those with anorexia refuse to eat with many flat-out afraid of gaining weight, even though their bones may be sticking out and they are no where near the recommended weight for the age and height. But as long as they suffer this eating disorder and the media continues to focus on them, changes will be slow to come.


Bulimia nervosa sufferers generally binge eat and then purge the mass quantity of foods they ingested. They accomplish this through regurgitation or by abusing diuretics or laxatives, which in the long-term could cause serious, even life-threatening problems by deny their body essential vitamins and minerals. While the effects of this illness may not be obvious, as their weight generally remains the same, This is a hidden eating disorder and the media only looks at what will sell their product.

Occasionally, you may see someone with a binge eating disorder and the media has a field day when their weight balloons. They are quick to point out when someone doesnt look skinny and perfect, yet seem to glorify those who are bone thin.