Dr Mom Otoscope

One of the most popular amongst otoscopes is the Dr. Mom brand. It was designed by an ER professional with the view to afford good performance at a minimal cost. The key benefits are its reasonable cost and stability. Apart from these, Dr. Mom otoscope has some features which make it a good investment and a superior apparatus to own and use.

One of its key features is the Light Emitting Diode (LED) that it has. This provides you a finer look inside the ear. At the price that it is available, this is indeed a great benefit. This is because other otoscopes that give this facility are highly priced, when compared to Dr. Mom. The advantage of Dr Mom otoscope lies in its LED. It gives you good value for energy.

Usually, LEDs have a conventional incandescent filament from where its energy is derived. If that filament breaks or gets damaged, you will have to replace the entire otoscope. Dr Mom’s LED does not have this problem. As compared to other LEDs, Dr Mom’s LED is tough and resistant to falls and damages. It does not break easily. Instead, it possesses an LED that is brighter than others. This light is not merely yellow, that tends to darken in spots. The light is full spectrum and gives a better insight into the ear. This full spectrum maybe compared to sunlight. So it can be imagined that the light shining down the ear will be as clear as sunshine.

The bulbs in Dr Mom otoscopes have another benefit. Other otoscopes have halogen bulbs that heat up and tend to burn the skin of the ear. They also require much battery to run. In Dr Mom, since the bulbs are not made of halogen, these problems are avoided. Also, halogen bulbs last upto a year, maximum. LED, on the contrary comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is the greatest advantage of Dr Mom. The light will never fail you and run out in an emergency. The LED uses only one-fiftieth of what a halogen bulb uses. Therefore, the chances of you running out of ‘charge’ are minimal.

Dr Mom has two types of otoscopes. The first is the original Dr Mom otoscope that was created. It possesses the original features of LED and usability that it was made with. It is powered by three volt and very functional in its design. It is more suitable for home purposes. The other, improved version is the Pro LED otoscope. It is to be used in more professional environments as it affords you upto five times more magnification into the ear. Both these run on normal AA batteries that can be easily replaced. Each of them comes with free specula, both for children and adults.

This otoscope was created a pediatrician and therefore, suited for parents who have young children and need such devices handy at home. It is easy to use and understand, apart from being practical and small. Also, its metal body ensures durability, no matter how times your child drops it.

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