Diverticulosis and Colon Cleansing


In simplest terms, diverticulosis is a condition which affects the colon and may be likened to the creation of pockets which distend from the previously smooth lining of the organ. The onset is usually concomitant with middle age, and several risk factors have been associated with the creation of these pockets.

  • Chronic constipation will lead to a buildup of fecal matter that at times may be so great that it will require the colon to generate additional storage space until the next bowel movement. The formation of pockets will thus serve as extra storage for feces.

  • A diet deficient in fiber will prevent the fecal matter from having a consistently that is advantageous for evacuation with the help of normal colonic contraction. Thus the shedding of stool requires more effort by the intestinal wall, thus weakening it to such an extent that pockets form easily.

All are Effected

While there may be other risk factors, these are by far the ones most commonly mentioned. Interestingly, these risk factors affect about every single man, woman and child in the United States of America simply by virtue of a lifestyle that has made healthy, nutritious meals and snacks a matter of the past and instead exchanged such food stuffs for fast food saturated with salt, fat, and empty calories as well as drinks that consist mainly of artificial sweeteners, large quantities of dyes and caffeine.

Thus, it is vital that the average American will take seriously the threat to the colon and in addition to making every effort to reclaim a healthy diet at least some of the time will also seek to remove impacted fecal matter regularly from the intestines.

Colon cleanses are perhaps the easiest methods available for such an evacuation and it is not surprising that more and more attempts are being made by savvy marketing companies to showcase their products as the one and only true and useful supplementation.

But Everyone is Different

There are no perfect cleanses, however, and once size does not fit all. All natural supplements will not work for everyone and in some cases even bring on severe allergic reactions. At the same time, some of the synthetic products are harsh and will cause pain.

It is important that you read the labels carefully, understand what is being said about the product and what is being omitted, and also speak to your physician. Unfortunately, if you are diagnosed with diverticulosis, a colon cleanse regimen is no longer recommended for you and you may need to consider other ways of removing excess fecal matter from your colon.

A doctor will be able to help you decide how to maintain your colons health; generally this includes a change in dietary habits, exercise, and even certain lifestyle changes that will enable the colon to function better even when unassisted by supplements or laxatives. Speak to your healthcare provider prior to embarking on a colon cleanse.

The best course of action, of course, is to completely avoid diverticulosis as much as possible, and colon cleanses are at this point in time the best possible methods for doing so.

Last Updated on November 14, 2022