Distant Healing Reiki

When a practitioner has undergone their Second Degree course of Reiki, they will have been attuned with the ‘distant symbol which will enable them to carry out healing over a distance. This means that they dont have to be in the same room, same town or even same country in order to heal them!

Healing can be literally done long distance because it is only in the physical world that time and distance matter. When healing over a distance, it is the same as if the practitioner is in the same room as the person they are healing.


The attunement symbol enables the Reiki energies to become much more potent, and using powers of visualisation and intent, the practitioner can ‘connect with the other person, animal, object or event etc., in order to help them. At this level too, the intent becomes much stronger thereby facilitating the healing process. It is the ‘intention that is the crucial in this instance. The practitioner does not have to be present

For distant healing the practice is normally carried out over a series of days for a set amount of time for each of those days with the reiki practitioner sending energy to the person for their higher good thus allowing for the energies to work on them as a whole. Using visualisation techniques, and once again the intent, energies can be focused by the reiki practitioner to target specific areas of the other person that may need healing.


These distant healing sessions can be just as powerful as if you are in the same room receiving a treatment, though many people do not feel that they can be as effective as when the reiki practitioner is in the same room as the person who is receiving the healing.

Distant healing can also be used for helping people deal with situations that may have happened in their past, Reiki can be used to assist in healing the damage that may have been caused particularly on the person’s emotional levels.

Many Reiki practitioners send Reiki healing when disasters strike, be they natural or man made. It has been reported that this type of healing can be helpful in these types of situations though many tend to disbelieve whether this is true or not.