Diabetes II Diet Guidelines

When you are determining the best diet for your Type II diabetes, you really need to think long-term goals. While your eating habits now may not be ideal, you should slowly work towards improving your eating habits so that you can truly enjoy better health and improve your diabetes symptoms.

In determining your diabetes II diet guidelines exactly, you should first consult with your doctor to get their professional opinion about what you should work on most importantly.

Once you know your exact diabetic needs, you can begin structuring a diet around your specific needs. One of the most common reasons for Type II diabetes is linked back to obesity. If this is your case, you should work towards a slow and steady weight loss, which will allow you to manage your obesity, as well as your diabetes all at once without making major adjustments to your lifestyle.

You should always make changes small, and ensure that the changes are something you can live with. For example, do not attempt to cut coffee from your diet completely if you are unable to function without at least a cup of coffee every morning. This would be setting yourself up for failure and is not advisable under any circumstances.

While changes should be made, they need to be something you can stick to. For example, in this case a better solution would be cut back from 2 cups of coffee each morning to only a single cup of coffee each morning.

Other Dietary Considerations

It is important to remember when setting up a diabetes II diet that if you will not follow it then you should not commit to it. While you should work towards weight loss and reducing your fat intake as well as calorie intake, you should also work towards improving your sugar intake.

It has been suggested in several studies that losing as little as five to ten pounds can reduce your insulin dosage, or even have the result of being able to discontinue taking the medication completely. This is a perfect solution, however while it is possible to do this, it is not always possible.

You should generally work towards losing weight at the rate of only one or two pounds per week to ensure you are not losing weight too quickly. While you may not think so, losing weight too quickly is not such a bad idea; it can mean you are not getting the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs in order to function.

You should also ensure that you are consuming the proper types of foods. For example, reduce the amount of salt and sugar that you consume, and ensure you are eating plenty of vegetables and whole-wheat foods.

If you have any questions about creating your perfect diet that will leave you feeling your best, and make sure you are still moving towards your goal of controlling diabetes and losing weight you should always consult with your doctor or a nutritionist who has experience in diabetes.

Never attempt to create a diet on your own if you are confused about what you should, and should not be eating or about what you are trying to accomplish. If you create a diet that is bad for you, then you can create more problems than you are solving.