Diabetes Diet Management

How effective diabetes diet management is in controlling your symptoms will greatly depend upon which form of diabetes you have. If you have Type II diabetes then you will discover you can control almost all of your symptoms and problems through an effective diet that takes into account all of the dietary needs of a diabetic.

If however, you suffer from Type I then you will not quite decrease your medications to zero, however you will lower the amount of medication that is required in order to control diabetic symptoms. As you increase your fiber intake, and reduce the amount of sugar you consume you will notice some definite improvement in your glucose levels.

Carbs or No Carbs

If you are diabetic then following in the footsteps of followers who are on low carb diets is not a good idea. While reducing your carbohydrate intake can result in weight loss, it is generally not a good idea for someone who is diabetic to eliminate the essential carbs from their diet.

When you consider that a diabetic should be consuming as much as 70% of their calories in the forms of carbohydrates, you can see how a low carbohydrate diet is not the right way to be handling weight loss attempts. Instead of attempting a low carbohydrate diet, you should talk to your doctor and see what other diet options you can utilize so that you are able to still lose weight, without missing out on the food you need in order to be healthy.

Super Size Me

When you are out eating at restaurants, especially fast food restaurants you should avoid ordering items that are super sized, giant, jumbo, or other large servings. Consuming these larger portions is bad because you usually do not notice how many more calories these larger servings tend to have.

These additional calories are enormous and can really cause you problems in helping control your weight. In order to make things as easy as possible, you really need to control how much you eat out. The main reason to avoid eating out is to limit your consumption of fats, however by ordering super sized portions you are increasing your intake of fat, rather than reducing your intake, as you should be.

Good Diabetes diet management should always include a plan for handling eating out. The main reason to ensure you plan for the occasional meal out is because you will notice even one meal that is not within your diet guidelines can really cause you problems with your glucose levels after you eat. To ensure you are able to really control your diet even when you are not cooking having a diet plan that will handle this situation is the best possible solution to losing all of your progress after one simple dinner out.

A well-rounded plan will ensure you can stay on track and make sure your diabetes diet management is in the best possible condition possible. With a well-rounded plan, you will be able to stick to your diet and will really improve your overall health as well as reduce your chances of developing heart disease and other problems that are commonly associated with diabetes. Remember, the key to a successful diabetes diet management plan is a diet you can actually live with.