Diabetes and Impotence

Diabetes can be a really tough problem to take care of. Anyone who has the disease can tell you that it can be really stressful to deal with living life under the diseases control. Diabetics need to carefully monitor many aspects of their life, such as maintaining a proper diet and a proper level of exercise. Also, diabetics need to be concerned about their blood sugar levels, ensuring that they are receiving the proper amount of insulin in order to keep their bodies running properly.

One problem that those with diabetes may face that is not commonly talked about, however, is the increased likelihood of a diabetic patient having problems with achieving an erection. In this article, well talk about the association of diabetes with a problem of impotence, and well discuss some of the methods that diabetics can use in order to help to achieve erection again.

Causal Relationship

Doctors arent completely sure why men who have diabetes have an increased likelihood of developing a problem with erectile dysfunction. One of the hypotheses that have been put forth is the fact that the arteries of those with diabetes may be hardened to a more drastic degree than those who dont have diabetes, causing a lack of sufficient blood flow to the penis and decreasing the likelihood of achieving an erection. Nerve damage from diabetes may also be behind the cause. One thing that doctors do know, however, is that diabetics who maintain proper blood sugar levels are much less likely to face a problem with impotence.

Speak to Your Doctor

When it comes to helping to achieve an erection when you have diabetes, you may want to speak to a doctor. While the diabetes may be behind the problem, there are many reasons why one may experience an inability to attain erection. In many cases, the problem lies in the psychological realm, and talking about the problem and lessening the mental burden can help to clear up impotence.

You may want to consider speaking to a doctor about your problem in order to determine exactly what may be causing it. There are several different methods of dealing with the problem, and most often, Viagra provides a significant solution. The drug has shown much clinical success when it comes to treating those with erectile dysfunction, and studies have shown that a full four out of five men are able to achieve an erection through the use of the drug.

For the twenty percent of men who arent aided by the drug, however, the solution to the problem may be the use of a drastic type of surgery in which a semi-rigid implant is installed in the penis. Its a serious thing to commit to, as the surgery is irreversible. In any aspect, youll want to speak to your doctor and your loved one in order to determine which type of treatment is right for you.

Just remember that problems with diabetes and impotence are solvable if you can attempt to solve the problem; it just requires a little bit of courage and a good line of communication.