Detox Drug Center Guide


Detox drug centers, also known as drug rehabilitation centers, have sprung up all over the world, from rural farm towns to major metropolitan areas. The services they provide are varied, ranging from personal, one-on-one counseling of the patient for their emotional needs to providing medications such as methadone to help clients with the physiological aspects of their conditions. One thing seems certain; the detox drug center has evolved into a much needed haven for thousands and thousands of people.

Detox Drug Center Programs

Detox drug centers provide help and care for users of many different types of drugs; cocaine, heroin, meth, and even prescription drug addictions. The programs the detox drug center offers vary depending on many factors such as the size of the town or city and the financial resources.

Most drug centers provide services on an out-patient basis, allowing the patient freedom to come and go in their daily lives. This type of intervention works well for those who are already on their way to recovery and want to stay accountable to a professional. Other services may include local support groups, in-patient treatment, and extended care.

Purpose of Detox Drug Centers

Two primary goals seem to be at the heart of a detox drug centers mission. The first is to help the patient with his or her physical symptoms of the abuse. Symptoms of a drug users withdrawal can range from mild to very violent.

Many report tremors, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme anger, delirium and other manifestations when coming off of their particular drug of choice. The detox centers can help with the use of drugs, counseling, and a safe place to go through these symptoms without harming themselves or others.

The second purpose of the detox drug center is to help the user psychologically. Counselors work with the patient exploring the reasons behind their drug abuse, such as an abusive home environment, depression, or low self-esteem. In this way, the center doesn’t just provide band-aid treatment, but tries to get to the core of the drug issue.

Who Needs a Detox Drug Center?

Although many of the patients at such a center have severe drug addictions, the centers are also appropriate for those who may feel themselves being drawn into an addiction. Those who use marijuana or over-the-counter drugs in excess and in order to get a high are welcome to contact a detox drug center for counseling and help.

The goal in these situations is prevention, which is far easier to treat than when the person is totally addicted and is working to get clean again. All in all, detox centers fill a place in our society which is unfortunate yet necessary.