Cures for Snoring

Snoring is a problem that affects a vast cross-section of the population. However, snoring happens to us for various reasons, and the cause of your snoring has a lot to do with what kind of remedies and cures you can use.

The Tennis Ball Trick

If you are the type of snorer that only snores when they are sleeping on their back, then the simplest solution is to use a home remedy for making yourself sleep on your side. One way to do it is to put a tennis ball in a sock, and then pin the sock to the back of your pyjama pants.

This way, when you roll onto your back while unconscious, the uncomfortable tennis ball will make your body want to turn back on its side. Another way of fixing the problem would be to simply sew an object into the back of your bed-time shirt so that you wont roll onto it.

Avoiding Alchohol

When you think about your snoring problem, does it only affect you after a night out drinking? If so, youve got your solution right there. Drinking relaxes the throat muscles, which can cause them to rub up against the uvula and the palate, creating the snoring problem. If you cant avoid drinking altogether, then do your best to have your last drink at least 4 hours before you hit the sack.

Another important thing to note about bedtime and drugs would be not to have sleeping pills or antihistamines before bed if you have a snoring problem. These pills could be the cause of the problem. They behave the same as alcohol in the way that they make the muscles of the throat relax.

Lighten Up

Are you overweight? Obese people tend to snore a lot because of buildups of fatty tissues in the neck. This weighs down and constricts the air way, causing obstruction problems and leading to snoring. The only way to help this issue is to lose weight.

Anti Snoring Devices

There are many devices that claim to help snoring, but their efficiency is of some question. Some companies offer mouthpieces that set the jaw in a proper position and prevent the tongue from rolling back into the airway while asleep. Throat sprays are offered which claim to lubricate the uvula and the throat, causing less friction and therefore, less snoring.

Manufacturers also sell pillows made of special material to help keep your airway at as straight of an angle as possible as opposed to the sharp angles caused by using tough pillows. Finally, simple breathing strips are for sale that help to pull open the nostrils, allowing room for air to get through.

All of the store-offered remedies are to be purchased at your own discretion, so be sure to do your research before buying a product. Check out consumer reviews, online articles, and entities such as the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the product you wish to purchase is safe and effective. Also, remember that what works for some doesnt for others, and there is no one cure for snoring. Different individuals require different treatments.