Crohns Disease Treatment

For many people, treatment of Crohns disease can be absolutely essential. Especially at the very beginning of experiencing symptoms or in periods of high stress, it is common for diet alone to not be able to regulate symptoms of the disease. For this reason there are many medications available for the treatment of Crohns disease, and new ones are being developed all the time as Crohns disease is a fairly new and unknown disease. Despite being so new there are already many effective treatments available for Crohns disease.

Steps Of Treatment

Many people do not actually need medications in order to keep Crohns disease under control. Some sufferers of the disease find that the most effective treatments are: knowing what items in your diet to take out and which ones to add, getting enough sleep, and practicing effective stress management. Of course, all of these things are much more easily said than done.

Although its known that a pizza with extra cheese on it will probably trigger a flare-up, catering ones diet, especially for adult-onset Crohns, can be extremely difficult as old habits are broken. Treatment of Crohns disease centers on what you put into your digestive system and the amount of stress that affects your digestive system from the outside. In addition to diet and exercise, there are some pharmaceutical options for treatment.


Some of the most common drugs prescribed for Crohns disease treatment are Asacol, Prednisone and Entocort. These drugs all have varying levels of effectiveness. Anyone whos taken Prednisone will tell you how bloated they became and many people whove taken Asacol will tell you that it has no effect. Of course, for some people it does work, so in order to know for your own body you have to try it yourself.

The bottom line is that these drugs have varying efficacy. If you are having a serious attack, youll need to take a medication to get things back under control, but many doctors will encourage you to really make an effort to try to keep Crohns disease under control by using common sense home remedies like not drinking caffeine and getting enough sleep.

Avoid Cortico-Steroids

The most important reason to do this is that there is no cure for Crohns disease at present; treatment can take you a long way, but it is much better to keep the disease under control, when possible, than to eat whatever you want while popping Asacol and Prednisone all day. Eventually you could end up in the hospital for surgery.

In addition, being on a steroid for a long period of time has long term effects that are not seen in the short term, such as loss of bone density. So while you might be able to live with the immediate effects like hair loss and severe bloating, your health could be at risk in the long term by choosing to treat Crohns disease with medication rather than diet and stress management.