Crohns Disease and Pregnancy

Pregnancy, although a happy time in most peoples lives, can cause undue worry and concern about the health of the mother and unborn child, creating stress and occasional complications. The incidence of Crohns disease and pregnancy is no different, in that many women who are diagnosed before or after they become pregnant get very worried about the effects on Crohns disease and pregnancy and their growing child.

While science is not proven to be perfect, so far studies have shown that Crohns disease has little to no effect on the unborn child. While Crohns disease and pregnancy thus far have not shown effects, a pregnant woman should speak with her doctor and let them know about her condition, concerns, and symptoms if she is experiencing any.

What Is Crohns Disease?

Crohns disease is a chronic condition of the inner layer of the digestive tract, characterized by small areas of ulcers and inflammation and can be found anywhere from the mouth to the anus, most of them found in the small intestine. The entire area however, is not totally affected, as most often there is healthy tissue in between the inflamed and ulcerative places.

While surgery is not an option with pregnancy and Crohns disease due to complications and risks, other things can be done to ease the discomfort of symptoms during pregnancy.

Pregnant women experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, and fatigue should consider consulting her physician for possible diagnosis and treatment, as well as to rule out other complications possible from pregnancy.

Pregnancy And Crohns Disease Related Back Pain

One of the main complaints that people have with Crohns disease and pregnancy is the back pain associated with it. Pregnant women frequently experience back pain as a result of the baby pushing on the sciatic nerve, and forcing the woman to carry around added weight and water. When pregnancy involves Crohns disease, there are additional complications that cause back pain, and the severity depends on the progression of the disease.

Chiropractic care, while limited during pregnancy can ease some of the symptoms associated with Crohns disease by manipulating the spine and taking the pressure of the swollen intestines off of the spine.

Treatment Of Crohns Disease During Pregnancy

Treatment of Crohns disease during pregnancy is limited because of the nature of the unborn child. Chiropractic care is limited because of the physical pressure and concern for tearing and preterm labor, medicine has several side effects that may be dangerous for unborn babies, and surgery carries too many risks such as blood loss and infection.

Although the medical treatment is limited when a woman is faced with pregnancy and Crohns disease, she can take some precautions to help avoid the symptoms such as eating a diet low in fat, refined foods, fiber and spice, all of which are notorious for irritating the digestive system.