Crohns Pain

The scientist with the same name discovered Crohns disease in 1932; it is an inflammatory disease that occurs in the intestines but also anywhere in the entire digestive tract starting from the mouth to the anus. Crohns disease is also known as colitis, ileitis or regional enteritis.

Symptoms Of Crohns Disease

Crohns disease pain usually manifests in the abdomen and the symptoms include abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, black or blood in the stool, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss. Crohns disease pain also can be located in the rectal area.

The most common Crohns disease pain is abdominal with cramps and usually results in diarrhea due to which rectal bleeding may occur as well. Depending on the type of Crohns disease you have the Crohns disease pain will differ but discomfort will occur in all states as inflammation occurs.

Treating Crohns Disease

Crohns disease cannot be cured and therefore the doctors objective will be to reduce the inflammation and thus, reduce the Crohns disease pain that is caused due to the same. Anti-inflammatory medication along with pain relievers will be prescribed by the doctor in order to subside the inflammation and relieve you of the Crohns disease pain at the same time.

Depending on your present medical condition as well as the types of Crohns you are encountering, medication will differ from person to person. One is a drug called Remicade, which can be administered in order to prevent further flare ups of the Crohns disease and your doctor may also prescribe the same.

Due to the fact that the doctors dont know the exact factor that causes Crohns disease specific antibiotics do not exist in order to cure the same however, Crohns disease pain can be eased along with preventing further occurrences. Your doctor may also prescribe a change in diet, which may help from case to case.

Helpful Tip

It is important you consult a doctor as soon as you recognize any of the Crohns disease pain or symptoms in order to treat the same as soon as possible. The sooner you diagnose your disease the sooner you will have relief of the same and possibly take control as well in order to prevent it from ever bothering you again. Learn to understand your body and take control of your life in order to live it free of pain and disease.