A Crohns Disease Diet

Rice and Soy Milk for Chrohn's DietDifferent people handle Crohns disease in different ways. While some people rely solely on diet to combat Crohns disease, others rely on diet as well as a stress-relieving method. Others treat Crohns disease pain only with doctor-prescribed medication, rarely effective on its own because there are inherent reactions that come from eating certain foods and having high stress levels.

Coalescing these three modes of treatment is the optimum way to keep serious symptoms of Crohns disease under control; once they are under control, most people can cease taking medication and rely solely on diet and stress management. Different people like different ways of relieving stress. While some like yoga or meditation, others like a hard physical workout; this is a choice that you have to make for yourself based on your own preferences. The factor that should be the same for all those wishing to keep Crohns disease under control is the diet.

Essentials Of Using Diet To Combat Crohns Disease

When using your diet to combat Crohns disease, keep in mind that your diet should not contain much dairy. Though 10 years ago it was difficult to find a lot of good alternatives for milk, cheese and yoghurt, todays grocery store offers a wealth of soy and rice products from milk to pudding, yoghurt and cheese that can be substituted for their dairy-made counterparts. Some sufferers of change their diet to combat Crohns disease in major ways because, being located in the digestive system, what you eat directly affects the course of Crohns disease.

In addition to taking the dairy items out of your diet, you should also take all seeds and other items that can stay ‘sharp through your digestive system. Remember those baked pumpkin seeds you used to eat, roasted, as a child after carving a pumpkin? Unfortunately, in a diet to combat Crohns disease, such items are a no-no.

This does not apply to all hard things that we eat; things like hard crackers will be broken down long before they reach the intestines. The trouble with things like the shell of a pumpkin seed is that it, in large part, does not break down. Such foods can cause unnecessary tearing to an intestine that is, quite literally, already trying to stay intact.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Eating too many raw vegetables can also aggravate symptoms; a diet to combat Crohns disease made especially for sufferers will include a modest amount of vegetables, but in large variety and most often cooked. Following these simple diet guidelines can greatly alter your experience of Crohns disease.

photo by Vegan Warrior – CreativeCommons Attribution