Crohns Disease in Children

Their childs health is the single biggest concern of all parents and the only way you can help your child is by being extremely attentive to all details and symptoms, which, when detected early, can help prevent a serious disease.

What Is Crohns Disease?

Crohns disease, also known as ileitis or enteritis, is a condition which manifests itself through inflammation of the bowel. The ileum, which is the lower part of the small intestine, is generally affected but other parts such as the digestive tract, esophagus, stomach, duodenum and anus are also involved.

Crohns disease in children can occur as early as seven and once treated can reoccur several times during the life span. It is not known precisely what causes Crohns disease in children or adults; from a weak immune system to stress are all on the list of possibilities.

Symptoms Of Crohns Disease In Children

Symptoms differ from child to child however these are some of the most common symptoms found in Crohns disease in children: abdominal pain, usually in the lower right side; rectal bleeding; diarrhea; black stool or with blood; fever; weight loss and in some chronic cases even failure of growth.

Due to the fact that Crohns disease in children often resemble other diseases symptoms, it is important the parent consult a doctor immediately to ensure the child does not suffer from the same.

Diagnosing And Treating Crohns Disease

There are several ways in which Crohns disease can be diagnosed both in children and adults and they are: blood tests, stool culture, endoscopy, colonoscopy and biopsy. Some procedures are more elaborate than the others and only a doctor can determine what test to apply in order to ensure that your child is suffering from Crohns disease.

Once the diagnostic is obtained the treatment can begin and depending on the diagnostic there are a few ways to approach the treatment of Crohns disease for children even though there is no cure achieved so far for the same. The most common approach is to control the inflammation and relieve the pain; there is no specific diet for Crohns disease but you can control any deficiencies found in your childs present diet as well as the doctor can prescribe medication in case of diarrhea or other stool disorders.

Due to the fact that every child is different the disease will manifest differently even though the general symptoms will remain however, the treatment for the same will be fixed according to your childs present medical state and the history of the same.