Critics complain that Melissa McCarthy’s new role is more of the same

Finding your niche in comedy always works, right? The “man-child” roles work so well for Will Ferrell! However, critics disagree while agreeing in the case of Melissa McCarthy. The loser-girl role she’s become known for is not getting the five-star treatment in her latest film, Tammy.

The Mike and Molly actress plays a crude fast food worker who loses her job and marriage, on the same day. She decides to take a road trip with her grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon, to Niagara Falls. McCarthy co-wrote the film. It is directed by her Bridesmaids co-star and husband Ben Falcone.

The film is in theaters—and not a hit with critics. Many of them have said the film is too similar to her past attempts with Tammy being called out by critics who say that McCarthy’s latest turn is a bit too similar to some of her past efforts.

Time movie critic Richard Corliss said, “Tammy has the effect of a shoddily manufactured firecracker that weakly goes off in your hands — leaving no permanent damage, just a bitter memory. That is to say, this one is bad — a little comedy that flops in big ways.”

There is no doubt that McCarthy has the talent. She received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her star-making turn in Bridesmaids, a film that became a box office success along with her later comedies, The Heat and Identity Thief.

McCarthy has a number of projects coming up to redeem herself. She recently wrapped St. Vincent, a film where she trusts actor Bill Murray to be her son’s babysitter. Alongside several movies set to be released next year, there have also been rumors of a Heat sequel.