Menopause Creams

Menopause is a customary change of life for women. However, trying to find a way to deal with the significant symptoms menopause causes is an unpleasant and ongoing battle for so many women. Some women try to control their symptoms by changing their diet. Others talk to their doctor about hormone replacement therapy pills. Some women try natural supplements like Black Cohosh.

However, other women find that using a topical cream to help ease their menopause symptoms is the best possible way to go. With most of these products, you can simply rub the cream onto the skin, which will help the ingredients to enter the blood stream. Choosing the right cream for you will help to reduce or eliminate symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, and insomnia.

Traditional hormone replacement therapy can have some great effects, but there can be some pretty serious side effects associated with it. For example, you may undergo headache, nausea, depression, gallstones, and an increased risk of breast cancer. There are also some other serious risks including high blood pressure, pancreatitis, endometriosis, and epilepsy. Risks of uterine and endometrial cancer also go up as well as the risks of stroke.

As a result, opting for a natural cream has become a very popular option with regard to menopause treatment. The creams are not as intense as traditional therapy, which means your body is far more able to handle the medication it is taking in. Moreover, they do not seem to have the side effects, and they certainly do not have the same long term health effects that chemicals do.

The key to using a cream to alleviate your menopause symptoms, though, is to choose the cream that works best for you. Some creams work better for different people, so you may have to choose a different product than you originally use. Many women choose creams that are made from Mexican wild yams or soybeans because they have been used to treat menopause symptoms for several years.

Most of these creams work when they allow the progesterone found in natural ingredients like wild yams and soybeans to go through the skin into the blood stream. They are completely safe, according to recent scientific studies, and the results seem to provide relief for most women without cause any type of harm. Moreover, most studies have found that these creams help women to stave off diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

During menopause
, many women lose bone mass, putting them at greater risk for serious mobility problems. Menopause creams can help stop this serious disease.

These creams have even proved valuable, in recent scientific studies, to help fight certain kinds of cancer. Uterine cancer is the primary type that has been associated with these types of creams. There is, though, one drawback to these creams. They seem to increase the risk of breast cancer, which is similar to the problems associated with hormone replacement therapy.

Remember that these kinds of creams are very helpful with menopause symptoms, including the most common ones: night sweats and hot flashes. It is important to remember, though, that as natural as these creams are, they are still a drug. If you use too much, you may experience side effects like anxiety, insomnia, headache and joint pain.

As a result, you should pay careful attention to the directions and use only the amount that was intended for use. Moreover, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start any products outside of his or her advice.