Cosmetic Eye Surgery

There are several procedures associated with cosmetic eye surgery, although they can also be done as a medically need. Cosmetic eye surgery is performed to correct upper and lower baggy eyelids. The same surgery may be performed if the eyelid is covering the eyelid margin or the eyelashes are directed downward, which can cause irritation of the eye.

Blepharoplasty Types

Upper blepharoplasty is a procedure that will remove excess skin and fat from the upper lid of the eye. When the excess skin and fat is removed, it gives the eye a younger look and is suitable for both men and women. It can be tailored to the individuals build and gender. A variation of this procedure will work for those people of Asian descent as well. This procedure is called a “double fold” operation.

Lower blepharoplasty is used when fat causes baggy or puffy lower eyelids. Taking the fat and rearranging the fat with an excisior or laser gives the eye a more relaxed and younger appearance. Say good-bye to the bags under the eyes with this surgery! The removal of the fat can be done through the within the lower eyelid but will not change the appearance or positioning of the eye. If there is excess skin to remove, a tiny little excision can be done or a laser can be used to resurface the lower skin of the eyelid.

Droopy eyelids can be corrected with cosmetic eye surgery. This procedure can make the eye look wider and can be performed at the same time of other corrective cosmetic surgery. Medical insurance carriers cover many of these procedures. Each individual has specific needs and the surgery procedure is designed for each person. Correcting droopy eyelids is usually done with a muscle conjunction resection procedure, which is the best and most effective method.

Other Procedures

Other cosmetic surgery choices include the eyelid malposition. This problem may be caused by previous cosmetic or eye surgeries but is easily corrected. Tightening the lower eyelids at the outside corner helps restore the normal shape and look of the eyelid.

Complications can include the “round eye look” which is caused by eyelid retraction. This can sometimes be repaired with a combination of grafting procedures of the inside the eyelid and performed with other cosmetic facial surgery.

Eyebrow surgery is another popular form of cosmetic eye surgery. An endoscipic brow lift can correct low or droopy eyebrows. Small incisions made behind the hairline and an endoscope allows the tissues to be seen as they are released from the forehead. Some surgeons may place pins or other hardware to aid in correcting eyebrow cosmetic problems.

These cosmetic eye surgeries are usually elective surgeries. You should contact your health insurance carrier to find out if your group or individual health plan covers this surgery. Laser resurfacing and botox are also used to correct cosmetic problems around the eye.

Cosmetic surgery has become very popular in the last century, but as with any surgery there are complications that may occur. Research the procedure and the surgeon you are planning to use before you make any final decision on the surgical procedure and your doctor.