Controlling Diabetes with Diet

When you are trying to control your diabetes through diet you need to ensure you are doing the best you possibly can to ensure you are achieving the best glucose levels possible. You should always ensure that you are eating a well balanced diet amongst other things. If you are not eating a well balanced diet then you are likely missing out on some of the nutrients that you badly need in order to be as healthy as possible.


First, you really need to ensure you are consuming plenty of fiber. The reason for this is because fiber has been linked to having the effect of helping reduce glucose levels in the blood, which any diabetic will agree can help control diabetes.

While the exact reduction varies depending upon the exact amount of fiber consumed, you must consume a great deal more fiber than the average diet would ever dream of consuming.

Freshness Counts

Next, you really need to ensure you are eating as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you possibly can. If you can drink a vegetable juice then this would help reduce the amount of actual vegetables you would need to eat at your meals and is a little easier for some people to handle who do not usually consume large amounts of vegetables.

If however, you are used to eating vegetables then you should continue to eat a lot of vegetables as well as plenty of fruit.

Watch Fats

In addition, it is a really good idea to limit the amount of fats that you are eating. Most people tend to eat too many fats in their diets, which can be a very bad thing. Instead of adapting your diet around your fat intake, you should reduce your intake to no more than 30% of your diet.

If you cannot do this immediately, then attempt to make some small changes in your eating habits until you reduce your fat intake to the 30% level. This is not always something easy for everyone to do, so it may well take some major adjusting before you are able to readily handle the reduced fat content.

Get Your Doc on Board

You should discuss your proposed diet with your doctor to ensure that it meets your exact nutritional needs without adding too much sugar, glucose, or fats to the diet.

If you are unsure whether your diet meets your exact nutritional needs then you should not even begin the diet without consulting with your doctor first. Because your diet can greatly affect the outcome of your diabetic symptoms, you should always take great care in making sure your diet is as well planned as possible.

While you are structuring your diet, it is important to remember you cannot truly control diabetes with diet if you are unwilling to stick to the diet. This means you should not commit yourself to eating habits that you know you will not be able to stick to. For example, if your idea of a vegetable is a French fry, then you should not set up your diet with eating six servings of vegetables a day.

Instead, you should structure your diet so that you start with 1-2 servings of vegetables and work your way up to your goal servings per day. With plenty of thought into a good diet, controlling diabetes with diet is not as bad as it may initially seem.