The Contraceptive Sponge

The contraceptive sponge is usually made from polyurethane foam. It is shaped somewhat like a saucer and is rated at between eight four ands ninety one percent effective. This wide spread rating is based on the fact that many women do not know how to properly use this barrier method and so the sponge is often inserted incorrectly making it not very useful.

When it is put in properly it works fairly well in preventing pregnancy. Women who choose this method of contraception need to learn the right way to insert it to ensure it offers them the protection they are looking for.

Over the Counter

There are several different kinds of these contraceptive sponges and so use varies slightly based on brand. One of the more useful types is also one of the more popular contraceptives that women can buy over the counter. It needs so prescription, no specialized fitting is necessary and the cost is relatively inexpensive. This brand also has a spermicide as part of the device and so requires no extra protection to be used.

This kind can be used more than once and works over a twenty four hour period after which it should be removed. Some contraceptive sponges only work one time that means it must be removed and replaced by a new one. So, it is better to find the ones that can be put in and used all night with your lover. It is essential that a woman wash her hands before putting it in. This avoids any possibility of bacteria getting on the sponge and being transferred to the cervix.

Are you Spongeworthy?

To use a contraceptive sponge the women must first make it wet and then insert it into the vagina. As soon as it is in there it is working. The contraceptive sponge works by blocking the cervix. This prevents the sperm from travelling.

As well, the spermicide that it contains works to kill the sperm and the sponge absorbs a certain proportion of them. The sponge therefore does is job in three different ways at the same time.

There are fewer side effects for a woman if she uses the contraceptive sponge but that does not mean that there are none. If she uses it improperly, by leaving it in too long, she can put herself at risk for toxic shock syndrome. It is very important that women understand that this device does not protect a woman against sexually transmitted diseases. The only way to do that is by using a condom. Barrier contraceptives do not prevent disease.

This device must also be stored properly. It cannot be left indefinitely in a womens purse or tucked in the glove box of the car. This may be convenient but it will damage the contraceptive sponge. It is better kept in a cool clean place in a womens bedroom or bathroom. These contraceptive devices can be purchased in a variety of places. They can be bought in most drug stores or online. They can also be found at many of the family planning clinics.