Compare Colon Cleansing Programs

If you are looking for colon cleansers, you are sure to find a lot of them. Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular ones.

Enuvia Internal Cleansing System:

This system is a three-product system. It claims to cleanse the liver, kidneys and the colon. It also claims to detoxify the body of up to 94.9% of the toxins harbored there. It says it is safe, effective and comfortable to take. It also states that the ingredients are all natural and delivered in specialized formulas to also give you vitamins and minerals. It is used to flush the system of chemicals, parasites and toxic build up. Targets the colon, liver and kidneys. Has a cost of $59.95 – $159.95

Dual Action Cleanse:

The Dual Action Cleanse will safely cleanse the large and the small intestine of toxic build up. This is an all natural two part system that cleanses your colon of fecal matter. Targets the colon. Cost $59.90 – $75.50


This is a health supplement that is designed for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers. It supports regular bowel function, works as a parasite cleanser and improves probuitic healthy flora in the digestive system. Works to reduce occurrence of diarrhea. Targets the colon. Cost $69.95 – $247.95

Oxy Powder:

This is a one product colon cleanser that uses oxygen infused powder to sfely and comfortably flush the intestines of matter build up. Works to flush toxins, chemicals, and parasites. Targets the colon. Cost $49.95 – $78.40

8 Day Total Cleanse:

This system comes from and is an internal cleansing system that takes just over one week to work. There are 3 main products in the system. The system has caused some discomfort for some of past users. Targets colon, liver and kidneys. Cost $145.00

Ultra Colon Cleansing Kit:

Designed by Herbal Care Direct, it is an internal cleansing program based on all-natural ingredients. This is a 3-part system that will flush out matter, toxins, chemicals and parasites. Is comfortable to use, effective and safe. Targets the colon, small and large intestine, liver and kidneys. Cost is $54.95 – $280.25


Colonix averages around $88.00 and is made by DrNatura. This product is highly regarded on the Internet. This is a fiber-based colon cleanser. It contains Psyllium Husk, Senna and also other herbs. Colonix can end your bloating, constipation acne and candida. This is a highly effective product. The majority of people will experience results in as little as a few days. Colonix helps eliminate parasites. It is easy to locate the product and to order it. You can also lose weight, using Colonix. There have been reports of individuals losing as much as 10 – 15 lbs. in one month.

Buyer Beware

There is a school of thought that claims the end justifies the means. In some ways quacks that sell phony colon cleansers see themselves as the great equalizers of a society that has collectively become so overweight and comfortable that it requires special supplementation to clean out colons that are being impacted with fecal matter not pushed out during regular bowel movements.

The Placebo Effect

Some claim that what they sell is not so much the actual herbage but instead the psychological wellbeing that comes from believing that you did something healthy and good for your body. The latter case of course refers to the placebo effect which has a very true and very real place in American medicine. You can, and in some cases should, be made to believe beyond doubt that what you are doing for your body is healthy and beneficial and quite frequently your body will follow your mind.

Yet this line of reasoning falters at the doorstep of the individual racked by pain and seriousness illness whose condition is made worse by the supplementation provided by a scrupulous dealer of herbal treatments that may have little if any health benefits but instead factor in the decline of health and also the overall quality of life such an individual experiences. Of course, in a day and age where Americans have the wealth to purchase health preserving, maintaining, and perhaps even inducing supplements and the time and leisure to shop for such products, it is only par for the course to find the number of fake and harmful colon cleanser to expand exponentially.

The dangers of purchasing an herbal supplement that will not provide the benefits it claims to accomplish are very real and here are some warning signs that you as the buyer must beware:

    Are studies referenced that do not mention the locations or names of the laboratories? Sometimes companies try to get around this by offering you this information upon request, but if you really consider that any company standing behind its product would be more than happy to provide addresses, phone numbers and any other info pertaining to such studies to anyone and everyone.

    Do the claims made on the website sound too good to be true? Does the colon cleanser claim to cure weight loss, weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, oily skin and dry skin, and a host of contradictory conditions? Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

    Do not purchase from a seller who uses urban legends to validate the needs for a colon cleanser. Any bit of false information you spot on a website is more than likely just the bit you caught and there is more that you might not have noticed.

    Beware of manufacturers and sellers who will actively counsel you against seeking help and advice from a medical professional by creating an “us versus them” theme for their pitch. Claiming that the medical profession is jealous, closed minded, and perhaps even envious of the discoveries made away from the money hungry pharmaceutical companies, you are supposed to leave common sense behind and no longer talk to your doctor. Run and do not buy!