Common Pregnancy Cravings

If you are wondering about some of the most common pregnancy cravings then you are looking at a very long list. However, it is not always a complex issue, there are times when it can be a very short list of the most common cravings, but it very much depends upon the exact woman as each person has a very different food style, especially when pregnant. What may be a normal craving for one woman may be very strange to another, but neither is necessarily strange or weird.

Sour Foods

If you are trying to decide upon the number one most common pregnancy craved food around you are likely to end up with sour foods. This is not even fully understood but the theory is that the cravings for sour foods helps ensure that the soon to be mommy is eating enough of a variety of foods to consume enough calories for herself as well as the baby.

Women who typically do not like sour foods are usually at some point in their pregnancy dominated by the urge to eat a huge amount of sour foods. Some experts claim that this is one of the biggest reasons why pickles are typically the first pregnancy craving food that comes to peoples minds.

Whether you are seeking only a sweeter diet, or trying to include sour foods for your cravings fruits are one of the most popular ways you can add a large variety to your diet without adding on a lot of fat. With a range of fruits that are healthy as well as sour, they make the perfect choice for most people and are able to generally help provide plenty of sugar as well which will help ensure that the new mommy can keep her blood sugar up enough to help avoid gestational diabetes.

Salty Foods

Another highly common pregnancy craving is the salty food. This can range from pretzels, to chips, to even food with loads of salt added on. While this is not such a healthy craving as long as you watch how much sodium you consume.

It is important to remember that the average pregnant woman will require more sodium to remain healthy and it is highly suspected that this increased need for sodium is what drives the salty food craving that so many women experience.

With the salty foods craving comes the tendency for pickles to be a prime suspect food as well again. As long as plenty of water is consumed as well to help flush the excess salt from the body most women are ok and do not experience any problems with the increased salty diet.

However, if you start noticing your legs swelling then it would be a good idea to cut back on the salt consumption and talk to your doctor.

As you can see, there are some very specific common pregnancy cravings that tend to be tied to the foods consumed during the entire 9-month duration. As long as a varied diet is consumed, most women do not experience any problems with the sudden cravings and are generally able to remain in very good health despite the sometimes unhealthy foods that become a source of temptation.

With your doctor monitoring your health there is generally little risk to your health or your babies health as long as your weight gain is normal and you do not overly consume sugars or salts.