Come & Get it? Go to Rehab!: Selena Gomez’s friends and family step in

Selena Gomez’s family and close friends are encouraging the singer to return to a rehab facility as soon as possible after she showed signs of stress.

Earlier this year, the “Come and Get it” singer spent two weeks at the Dawn of the Meadows treatment facility located in Wickenburg, Arizona, where she reportedly received treatment for extreme stress and anxiety. Although her initial rehab stint was kept a secret, representatives of Gomez disclosed information about her rehab trip to combat rumors of Gomez’s substance abuse.

Selena Gomez even came out to her fans about her rehab experience, citing how she had lost touch with herself and needed the time to reconnect. She did this in an effort to connect with fans that might be facing similar troubling situations and who needed help.

Before entering rehab the first time, Selena Gomez cancelled larger portions of her international concert tour. If Selena Gomez enters rehab this summer, it will have been after a huge fight with her former best friend Demi Lovato that’s largely taken place on social media. Gomez is also juggling relationship trouble with her on again off again famous bad boy boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Any signs of the continuation of Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance musical tour seem to have vanished, with ticket sales removed from venue websites. The girl who was once busy with movie and television appearances and concert tours seems to have fallen off of the professional radar completely. Officially, Selena Gomez has announced a professional hiatus of an indefinite length.