Combivent and Asthma

The increase in asthma is a bit alarming. In fact doctors are seeing it develop at younger and younger ages. If you are reading this article theres a good chance you or someone in your family suffers from asthma. Thankfully the medication options continue to improve. So what is the relationship between Combivent and asthma?

Combivent is one of the newest asthma medications used in patients that suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD as well as other forms of asthma. Combivent and asthma medications in this class of ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate have a good history of working well.

How It Works

Combivent or asthma no-name substitute products are stored in a pressurized canister attached to a hand operated pump. The metered dose inhaler releases the exact amount of medication in an aerosol form.

You will fully exhale first and then place the mouthpiece into your mouth and push the pump while inhaling. The medication will work to open the airways so that you can breath easy again.

If you have allergies to soya lecithin, peanuts, soybeans, or other ingredients in this class or you have a known allergy to other ingredient in your Combivent or Asthma no name brand substitute product you should not use these drugs.

Other Options

Combivent or Asthma no name brand substitute products can actually cause the airways to narrow and get worse causing a life threatening problem in some patients. Stop taking Combivent if you experience any of the serious affects outlined by the pharmaceutical company and you should see your doctor. If the reaction is severe visit your local emergency room.

If you use your Combivent and asthma generic substitute products too often you may damage your heart, increasing your pulse and blood pressure as a result of taking too much medication or using to often. You may also develop serious shakes.

There have been deaths caused because of improper use of the medication so it is important that you follow the directions carefully.

More is not better and if you find your symptoms are not subsiding with this medication you should see your doctor because there are many other options on the market.

There are many asthma medications on the market including combivent. Your doctor will take your medical history, run any necessary tests, find out about allergies, and then decide which medication is actually best for you. It may be Combivent or another similar medication.

Know The Side Effects

Those that use combivent or Asthma no name brand substitute products may experience headache, flu like symptoms, chest pain, gastrointestinal disorders, bronchitis, coughing, respiratory infection, sinusitis, and overall pain.

Many of these symptoms will subside with use. However if they remain uncomfortable you should talk to your doctor about them. Serious side effects should always been seen by a doctor.

Combivent products can interact with certain drugs. You should make sure your doctor knows all the medications you are on. Beta-adrenergic agents, Beta-receptor blocking agents, diuretics, and tricyclic antidepressants can all interact. Talk to your doctor about the interactions.

Asthma is a serious condition but with proper medication it can be controlled with medications like Combivent for asthma; you can lead a normal healthy life.