Colon Cleansing Kits

In addition to Dietary and Lifestyle Changes, commercial colon cleansing kits can be purchased from health stores and pharmacies, and these kits will probably contain several or more of the herbs listed below.

    • Alfalfa,
    • Aloe Vera,
    • Anise,
    • Artemisia,
    • Bilberry,
    • Birch,
    • Bitter Orange,
    • Burdock,
    • Catnip,
    • Cayenne Pepper,
    • Chickweed,
    • Dandelion,
    • Fennel,
    • Garlic,
    • Ginger,
    • Horseradish,
    • Lavender,
    • Lemon Balm,
    • Licorice,
    • Peppermint,
    • Red Clover,
    • Yarrow,

Use in Moderation

These colon cleansing kits should be used in moderation to prevent bowel movements that are too frequent, as these can dehydrate you and prevent your digestive tract from reclaiming valuable minerals (such as sodium) and nutrients.

While using these colon cleansing kits, it is important that you continue with the Dietary and Lifestyle Changes in order to give your digestion the best chance of stabilizing and performing correctly.

Ingredients You Can Expect To Find In Natural Colon Cleanser Kits

If you belong to the group of those who believe that all natural colon cleansers are little more than horse pills made of fiber, you will be surprised to learn that there is a lot more to the act of natural colon cleansing than meets the eye. Keep in mind that the lists of ingredients of a natural cleanse will be entirely different than that found on the labels of a synthetic cleanse! At the same time, you will also notice that not all natural colon cleansers are created equal; some will contain a list of ingredients while others may completely omit a portion thereof.

Generally speaking, there are three different components you may expect to find in a natural cleansing product:

    1. First and foremost are stool softeners that double as laxatives. Considering the fact that the average American adult has not had a colon cleanse in years in some cases more than likely the number of years can be measured in decades and thus a large amount of fecal matter has been built up, compacted, and become devoid of liquid, a softening of this stool is required in order to keep things moving. Trifolium pretense, also known as red clover, is most commonly found on the list of ingredients, although cascara buckthorn is also quite frequently used. If you are breastfeeding, you should avoid natural cleanses that include red clover and instead search for those that use cascara sagrada, also known as cascara buckthorn. Another item that might find its way onto this list is rhubarb root which is famous for its laxative effects.

    2. The second class of herbs used in natural colon cleansers is the toxin and parasite removers. Dandelion root is a well known diuretic available in most health food stores, and most commonly also finds its way into the ingredients list of natural colon cleanses. Cayenne pepper is known to be useful when dealing with sore throats, but it also helps the gastrointestinal tract find relief from gas pains and also cramps, while at the same time draw out toxins.

    3. Last but not least is the group of ingredients that seek to foster a healthy environment for the newly cleansed colon. At the top of the ingredients list is usually orange root, also known as goldenseal, which is known as a mild laxative but also a soothing substance that promotes gastric and colon health. A somewhat surprising addition may be Echinacea which most know as an immune system booster but which also helps to fight internal infections. It is important to remember that Echinacea is counter indicated when using hepatotoxic substances, thus care is required when reading labels!

As you can see, the list of ingredients that may be found on natural colon cleansers is plentiful and there are several other ingredients that may complement the workings of the substances mentioned. Yet since many herbal compounds are specifically discouraged for certain segments of the population, it is vital that you read the list of ingredients and also discuss it with your physician prior to beginning a natural colon cleanse regimen!