Colon Cleansing Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Dietary and lifestyle changes are the first activity that needs to be performed to help maintain a clean and unblocked colon.

The changes required to maintain a healthy digestive tract are simply a matter of following a diet that is:

• High in fiber, by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, brown rice, whole grain breads, and, for breakfast,
wheat germ, oat bran, and rice bran cereals.

• Low in fatty and processed foods, and low in the foods that cause colon problems

• Drinking plenty of water. An adult should drink approximately 2 liters of water per day.

• Getting at least an hours of exercise, such as walking, each day.

Such a diet is usually sufficient to provide good results, and no other colon cleansing activities are required.
Dietary changes ensure that fecal matter does not remain in the digestive tract for excessive periods, thereby preventing the formation of toxins and also preventing the growth of bacteria, both of which can lead to a range of health issues.

Switching To a Healthy Diet

The average American which is pretty much anyone and everyone shops at supermarkets for food. These stores are the Holy Grail for everything that will entice the taste buds and fill the stomach, but if you are looking for healthy nutrition, you will find that the products catering to that aspect of nutrition are few and far between. Fruits and vegetables are received from farms that specialize in turning out bumper crops of beautifully looking tomatoes, potatoes and lettuce, but unfortunately the reason why these fruits and veggies look so pristine rests in the fact that herbicides kept weeds at bay while insecticides made moths, worms, and anything else that could have nibbled on the apples hastily retreat.

Artificial fertilizers made tomatoes grow in record time to never before seen sizes, but in so doing even more toxins were added to the mix. Other food stuffs found in grocery stores are the convenience foods the types of foods that have shelf lives measured in years instead of weeks, and that are so over-processed, stripped of natural nutrients, and artificially enhanced with colors and taste compounds that they may taste and look great, but have little more nutrition than the box that contains them. Meats contain antibiotics, growth hormones, and the pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers the beasts ate prior to becoming food themselves, while milk and milk products fare no better.

Basic Nutrition is Back

It is therefore not surprising that more and more consumers are putting on the emergency break and try to get back to real nutrition. Shopping in the natural foods aisle, eschewing the cheaper selections for organic offerings, and considering the use of whole foods once again are making a comeback. Adding to this newfound conviction of healthy living is the notion that intestinal health demands more attention than just the occasional laxative, and thus many a consumer dutifully swallows prune juice by the glass and takes fiber compounds in various forms.

Granted, these approaches most certainly help your colon and gastrointestinal health and your body thanks you for the attention you pay to your insides. Yet if you believe that your newfound understanding of healthy living can make up for years of abuse and neglect, you are sadly mistaken. It is astonishing that many a consumer of the fried, over-processed, toxin-laden foods of yesterday believes that good health is now her or his to grasp simply because of switching to organic milk, free-range eggs, and organic veggies.

Instead, many of these nutrients are still leaving the body unclaimed simply because of the waste buildup inside the intestines. When sluggishness and a lack of energy catch up with the consumer it is attributed to a lack of caffeine and sugar and before long the call of the donuts and coffee shop is too strong to ignore. Before you know it the whole grain cereal is in the back of the cupboard and the sugar frosted flakes once again take over their rightful place in your diet.

Avoid this backsliding and error with a simple procedure that is easy to do: a colon cleanse! Those who have undergone this procedure are consistently amazed at the waste that is evacuated from their bodies. Hardened fecal matter – breeding grounds of bacterial and viruses, storage pails of toxins and inhibitors for the intestines proper ability to extract nutrients from food – a colon cleanse will rid your body of this waste quickly and safely and permit you to truly reap the benefits of healthy living!

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