Colon Cleanses and the Blood Type Diet

Those who are in the know about alternative medicine and the latest in diet breakthroughs are quite familiar with the blood type diet. Granted, at this point in time it has been around the circuit for about 10 years, yet it appears that in the last two years it has found a new audience, one that believes strongly in the connection between blood type and the ability to gain, lose, and maintain weight. Some have gone so far as to assert that blood types are also indicative of a persons temperament and ability to control moods and therefore it stands to reason that ones blood type and ones ability to successfully shed pounds are intimately connected.

1950s Science

It is interesting to note that the blood type diet actually bases its tenets on research that was done in the 1950s when scientists thought to determine if a persons choice of profession and success in life could be linked to their blood type. At that time it was believed to be little more than conjecture, yet it came as a complete surprise when as a side effect of the research the fact came to light that some subjects were able to eat protein and starch in nearly unlimited quantities without significant weight gain while others on the same diet were sickly and overweight. Believing to have found the bottom line in diet related research, the theory did not gain a lot of attention until the obesity crisis hit the United States in recent decades.

What Comes Around

When it became obvious that Americans were unwilling to give up their burgers and fries yet at the same time desired trim waistlines, those who were quick on the ball to realize the profitability of the diet industry went back to partially obscured studies and medical findings and began to present them in new lights.

The resulting diet fads are legendary and it goes without saying that the blood type diet has made the rounds repeatedly and it will only be a matter of time before the next occasion that those with the blood type O positive increase their meat proteins to feed their bulging muscles while those with blood type A will be sure to utilize a vegetarian diet.

Goes Around

Even though diet fads are not new and appear to have become a mainstay in todays checkout magazine industry, it is noteworthy that the use of herbal supplements associated with colon cleansing is not recommended with this diet. Accounting for this recommendation is the fact that a primarily protein rich diet will upset the intestinal health of many individuals following it, and thus the added strain of unbalancing the gut flora will have rather detrimental results.

It is a well known fact that an overdose of protein in the system will increase the likelihood of Candida infections and therefore also increase the number of these bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. While a colon cleanse is supposed to remove these bacteria, the very fact that a protein exclusive diet will counteract the benefits of a cleansing must alert the dieters as well as the alternative healing buffs to proceed with extreme caution whenever altering a diet radically.