Colitis and the Colon Cleanse

Just when you thought it was safe once more to read through the sometimes unwanted emails in your inbox, you run across the claim that preventing colitis with a colon cleanse is a very real possibility. If ever there was an inflated health claim, you may think to yourself, this could be it! Yet you were proven wrong when you disbelieved the claims that colon cleanses can help with weight gain, thus rather than simply deleting this kind of email it is worthwhile to dig a bit deeper and see if there is any truth to the claim that preventing colitis could truly be that easy.

Generally speaking, colitis affects the colon and is characterized by a severe inflammation of that area. Several different kinds of colitis are known:

    There is ischemic colitis that most commonly affects the elderly population.

    Lymphocytic colitis which is often found in women suffering from autoimmune disorders.

    Ulcerative colitis that is especially dreaded because of the sores that affect the colon and make the condition particularly painful; it is considered a genetically driven ailment.

    While there are a wide variety of other forms of colitis, one that is especially tricky is pseudo membranous colitis which is attributed to a bacterial infection with clostridium difficile.

It is this latter form of colitis as well as any other forms that have virus and bacteria infestations at their roots – that may be prevented with a colon cleanse. It is inevitable that the gastrointestinal tract is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and also harbors a large number of viruses at any given time.

Good and Bad Bacteria

Thriving in the dark, moist and warm environment, the fact that the pH balance of the intestinal tract is by and large kept even makes this the perfect bodily area for these microorganisms to live and breed. As a matter of fact, gut flora, which is the term affectionally bestowed on the beneficial bacteria that reside within the bodys gastrointestinal tract, are necessary for the body to break down the nutrients from the foods eaten and permit them to enter the blood stream.

Yet when an upset to the gut flora occurs and the beneficial bacteria are replaced with hazardous strains including clostridium difficile – pseudo membranous colitis is a very possibility. To ensure that such harmful bacteria are removed consistently, a healthy diet rich in fibrous fruits and vegetables and also whole grain breads is a must.

In addition to a healthier lifestyle, however, is the necessity of periodically sweeping the colon clean. This is accomplished with the help of colon cleansers that soften and dislodge accumulated feces and other waste products that have not been evacuated by the body.

These substances often harden and gradually built up alongside the walls of the intestines, not only inhibiting the absorption of nutrients but also providing breeding grounds for harmful bacteria that are ready to pounce when the beneficial gut flora is negatively impacted, such as might be the case when antibiotic treatments are required. Preventing the susceptibility for pseudo membranous colitis with a colon cleanse is a very real option and your email might once again have delivered important health information to you!

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