Clearblue Fertility Monitor

The Clearblue fertility monitor is a home ovulation test. It helps women keep a check on their cycles and keep them informed of their peak time. It shows them a time period of when women are mostly likely to conceive. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor helps in narrowing down to the stage that is best for a woman who wants to conceive. It is one the widely bought home tests.

Clearblue works on the principle of recognizing two hormones that aid in ovulation. As Clearblue monitors the behavior of these hormones, their changes and their maturation – it is vital in gathering information as to when a woman may conceive successfully. From this, six days most fertile days can be derived.

Clearblue is a sophisticated device that stores your personal information, helping you dates and times. This history will help you decide which days are best to test. It also keeps track of the days when your fertility level is low or high. It will also inform you when your period is due and in this way you will know when it late or even early.

When compared to other home ovulation tests, Clearblue is far more convenient and accurate. Other tests only monitor a certain hormone, called the Luteinising Hormone. The results of these tests depend only on the behavior of this single hormone. Clearblue, on the other hand, follows two hormones, both Luteinising Hormone and Estrogen. These hormones are responsible for ovulation. Their activities are scrutinized closely and when they mature, the monitor displays the result and it can be said to be a good time to conceive.

The advantage of Clearblue lies in its ability to identity and observe both these hormones. This definitely calls for rather refined technology which is the reason why Clearblue is such a popular and trusted name today, even if a little more expensive.

Given the technology it uses, it is still very easy to use. The tabs are minimal. There is a single button called the ‘M’ button that lets you know when your period will start and also tell you when a test can be taken. When estrogen level increases in the body, fertile mucus is secreted. This lets the monitor know that you are fertile.

It is difficult to narrow down a period of ideal conception. Women often spend many anxious moments hoping for a pregnancy to happen. Clearblue makes the process well-ordered and mostly precise. Clearblue claims to double your chances in getting pregnant. Their philosophy is based on fact that conception is all about timing. A woman needs to merely discover the time she is most fertile and then try for conception. Clearblue makes this easy and keeps women well-informed.

The only downfall is that Clearblue does not work so well for women whose periods are slightly irregular. If your period tends to be unbalanced, you might have to reset the monitor every month. This may have the potential of upsetting the routine. While the monitor will give you wide range of days to try conceiving, you may have to pay special attention to the days of your period change from month to month.

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