Chronic Headache Statistics

Headaches are a problem faced by a large cross-section of the population. They can really cause problems when it comes to keeping your day together, so in this article, were going to relay some statistics about headaches to you so that you can understand more about how widespread the problem is. For the purposes of these statistics, we will only be considering chronic, recurring headaches with regards to the rates of occurrence.

Everyone gets a headache every now and again, but the numbers displayed in this article will address only those who get them on a regular, recurring basis.

– When it comes to the rate of chronic headaches in America, studies have shown that roughly 45 million Americans suffer from them per year. There is an average of 20 million females in America that experience chronic headaches and an average of 25 million males. This represents a prevalence of chronic headaches that is roughly 1 out of every six people. Percentage-wise, 6.54 percent of all Americans experience the agony of a chronic headache condition.

– In the United States in the year of 2001 alone, there were 9,876,000 visits to doctors by patients seeking some sort of relief for their headache pains.

– An Australian study that was created in 1995 showed that a full 15 percent of the Australian population used headache medications. The survey also showed that the most commonly reported recent illness suffered by the survey group was a headache.

– Studies have shown that not everybody has had a headache. As a matter of fact, a study done by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke showed that about 10 percent of men have never had a headache and 5 percent of women have not either. The same study also stated that migraines caused a major loss of work power throughout the population. Sufferers of migraines were shown to miss a collective 157 million workdays throughout one year.

– There are many different types of headaches. First, they are classified by the primary and secondary categories. Primary headaches are the most commonly occurring, with an estimated 90 percent of all headaches being primary. Tension headaches, migraine headaches, and cluster headaches are all different subcategories of primary headache. Secondary headaches, on the other hand, are headaches that occur due to another underlying problem. One may experience traction headaches or inflammatory headaches due to a problem with another medical condition.

– The average onset age for a migraine condition is between the ages of 5 and 8. Those who experience migraines more often than not have a family history of the problem. Tension headaches are definitely the most common, with roughly 69 percent of all males experiencing problems with them as well as 88 percent of all females. They usually appear between the ages of 9 and 12.

Now that you know more about exactly how prevalent headaches and migraines can be, you can better understand that they are a problem that affects a majority of the population. If youre having headaches very often or are experiencing intensely painful headaches, you may wish to speak to a doctor in order to properly diagnose your problem.

Image: Adrian Wressell, Heart of England NHSFT. Wellcome Images